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‘Star Trek’ Series Loses Showrunner


Bryan Fuller is stepping back from the showrunner role of CBS’ “Star Trek: Discovery” as he juggles production responsibilities on two other series is what Variety said.

Tim Miller will not direct the Deadpool sequel


Tim Miller will not be returning to direct “Deadpool 2,” dropping out of the sequel due to a series of creative differences with star Ryan Reynolds, based on what Variety is saying.

One Hundred and Eleven Months ago

The Way Back Machine

A while back, I read an article that inspired me; that article was a blog posting about how a couple opened up a comic book store. It wasn’t a blow by blow DIY or HOW TO BE A MILLIONARE, but it had some great details, the author was open and honest and was engaging when I opened up a dialog when it came to questions and answers.

In July of 2007, I left a job in the tech industry to do something that I had a passion for and to fulfill a dream of mine. I opened a comic book store.

If anyone tells you that running a business is easy, then I think they got extremely lucky. There was work to be done, but the rewards of talking to people about comics, movies, TV series and comparing them time and time again was fun, entertaining and just made the work appear to be part of the process.


Not the Comic Book Guy anymore

Times and things change, I don’t know exactly why, just that less and less comics were being bought and ultimately it put me in a position that I wasn’t able to keep things going and I had to close the comic book store for good.

Twitch Stream

A little over a year ago, I started to stream on Twitch. During that time, I was able to share my gaming experience with an interactive audience, where not only did I learn some great stuff, but also got acquainted with some really awesome peeps.

Unfortunately, the twitch experience wasn’t enough to pay the bills and that is the brutal truth. I haven’t given up, but I don’t have a set schedule, my situation and status is tenuous.


Work in progress as it all I can do it persevere and keep positive

I tried out Sling TV

On the surface, it seems like a pretty good fit, but to me it was like a Hulu type of clone. 


There was commercials and I suppose I am just used to the service that I get from Neflix and/or Amazon Prime.  The attraction of the series and shows was there, but not the content.

KBD / Keyboard / 101

About a year ago the faithful and reliable part of the computer was impaired by a splash attack from a near by beverage.  During that time, I was the mercy of a standard keyboard.  The type where you really had to press down on a key for it to do anything.

This time around though, I thought I would attempt to try out something new and compare it to a name that I have known for a longtime.   These are the keyboards that I picked:

Logitech RGB G810 Orion Spectrum Mechanical

Das Keyboard 4 Professional

You can read all about the different technologies and their specs via the links.  After using them both for a week each, I decided it was time for a change and am now using the Das Keyboard 4 Pro.  I like how quiet it is, how little pressure it take to press a key; however I will miss not having a backlit keyboard.