36 Days, Dawn of the Dead & Thor

Today is the 36th day that GamersCircle Comics opened it’s door and started to bring back pop culture to the fine folks of Folsom, CA and the surrounding areas.  It is just the best feeling to hear those that had been readers and collectors start up (after either slowing or just halting their pulp readings since there was no place close) again, due to the fact that there is now a local comic book store.

I just love hearing the ‘inner’ geek coming out in so many different people and from such a wide variety of age groups too.  (awesome!)

It just isn’t the comic book folks either, there is a steady stream of RPG’ers , Magic the Gathering players, D&D Mini Players,  Yugioh players and more.

Am I tried after working 7 days straight for the last 36 days?  Nope , in fact I am having so much fun.  Don’t get me wrong, there are those things that I wish I didn’t have to do, but since this is my business, no one else is going to do it for me, so that leaves pretty much me. 🙂  However; the fun factor far out weighs the work factor.

Yes, there is the occasional issue with the flipping POS software or running out of pennies , but those are the pains one will have to deal with when running an retail business.

Speaking of Magic the Gathering – I have gotten back into this trading card game.  I mean it has only been 16 years since I stopped playing when it was in Alpha.  After watching the local group of MTG’ers play and saw just how fun it still is.  I threw down some of my hard earned dollars and built a ‘Sliver’ deck , but I think I am having a little more fun with my ‘Dawn of the Dead’ (mainly zombies and undead)  deck.

Oh yeah!  Thor #3 – holy Christ!

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