5 MMOs to look out for in 2009

Massively has an article outlining what us MMOers should be looking out for and might want to try for 2009.

Champions Online

It’s been a long time since a new superhero MMO made it to market, and Champions Online will most definitely be the first of the upcoming tights-themed titles released, which will give them an edge to exploit. Cryptic knows they need to steal the limelight with this game, meaning that they need to hook players as hard and as fast as they can. The more players are invested in their superheroes, the harder it’s going to be for competitors to pull people away permanently. Although the lack of villains at launch could mean a little trouble, as there’s definitely a group of players who want to be baddies.

City of Heroes 2?

Another reason why Cryptic needs to step up their game is because I’m almost certain that NCsoft will announce the sequel to City of Heroes around the same time that Champions Online launches. There’s obviously nothing to know about the sequel, but if NCsoft is serious about leveraging their old player-base, then they’d better make sure to do something for CoH1 players going into CoH2. Beyond that, it’s all about getting fresh blood into the new game. There’s probably a lot of pressure to exceed the first title’s subscriber numbers.

Jumpgate Evolution

Any sci-fi fan worth their geeky-ness should have a vested interest in Jumpgate Evolution and its success. Obviously the biggest reason is because the essential mechanics of flying around and shooting stuff in real-time in space are already completely satisfying. So while we don’t know how things like crafting, PvP and leveling will play out just yet, we can assume a better-rather-than-worse scenario.

DC Universe Online

The next few years are certainly going to be interesting, especially when we get to the point when three superhero MMOs are on the market with a fourth (CoH2) on the way. Just imagine a world where we comic book geeks must choose between four superhero MMOs to play.

The Agency

Which brings us to the last game of 2009 to watch out for: The Agency. If any title can help DC Universe Online by shaking off the chains of SOE’s past, it’s this one. There are a lot of wild cards in play, but ultimately it comes down to what sort of message gets sent into the gaming industry. Whether or not The Agency is a financial slam-dunk doesn’t really even matter. It only needs to meet reasonable expectations while proving to players that SOE is a place where fun, quality titles are made.

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