A sequel 12 years in the making: Starcraft II

It is true, I bought this game from the retail store (had to back then, there was no Amazon) in 1998.  I in fact took the day off from work, as I knew I would really enjoy this game.  I did.

I liked it so much, that I got many of my friends hooked at the same time, formed LAN parties around the game and when they (Blizzard) released information about a squeal / add-on called that same year, oh.. we were all looking forward to sleepless nights.

Today – Starcraft II will is going to be released and it just isn’t going to be an updated game with the same units, it is a whole new game with new units and a great story.

In fact, those that might read this should check out the  Known Issues – Technical Support related list and a Current list of bugs on the StarCraft II Forums outlining issues with the game.

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