Age of Conan – After my free 30 day

Actually – it has been like 2 weeks past my free 30 days; however I thought I would climb up on my  digital soap box here and post a very short FYI.

Age of Conan is far from perfect, the user interface isn’t the best, but it works and it is just something you have to get used to.  (like all MMO’s)

Those players that have already hit the level cap and have complained about lots of elements of the game that doesn’t work.  My hat is off to you and thanks for documenting some of the development over sights, so that the power to be can address them before I get there.

I have yet to see a perfect game released , the only one that comes to mind if Starcraft, but it took Blizzard 10 years and many patches to get it balanced and near perfect.

I am having fun in the game, it has some of the best sounds and graphics around right now, well worth my $13.99 a month.

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