Bible Book drawn by the same dude as Felix the Cat.


Running a “Comic Book” store, one would think that you wouldn’t get to many people looking for a “Bible”, but there are those days.


Customer: I just head on NPR that there is a comic book that came out today that was drawn by the same guy that did Felix the Cat (do you know who that is??) but this is a tongue and cheek version.

Me: Yes.. I know how the character “Felix” the cat, but I will have to do a Google on the artist as that is something I don’t know off the top of my head.

[taping away on the computer]

Me: okay, according to the wiki on Felix the Cat, it was created back in 1919 and the creator was Pat Sullivan.  I suppose if this dude is still around (around 90 yrs old) ….

Customer: Yeah.. perhaps it wasn’t that guy, but the comic was suppose to be out today, do you have it?
Me:  New Comic books are Wednesdays, so if we did order it, it would be this coming Wednesday.
Customer: Oh.. do you know if you ordered it?
Me: That does not sound familiar, as we don’t get many people asking for “bible” related titles.  You are going to have to help me a little more on the title so I can try to narrow down a bit.

Customer: Genesis!!
<insert Beast Boy scream here>
Me:  Yes, I am familiar with elements of that part of the bible, but I am not seeing any comic book listed called Genesis.  Let me go over the the NPR site and see if they talk about it.

[more taping on the customer and searching the NPR web site]

Me: Are you perhaps talking about , “Crumb’s ‘Genesis,’ A Sexy Breasts-And-Knuckles Affair”
Customer:   That’s it!  that is the one!  Do you have it!!

Me: Hang on a sec, let me check.  Looks like the book was offered to retailer in July 2009 and came out September and did not order any, sorry, but we do have The Complete Crumb Comics Vol #16.  This is the artist that did the book that you are looking for.
Customer: I WILL TAKE IT!

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