Buy Star Wars: Empire at Wars from Best Buy and you get $10

I attempted to get todays release of Buy Star Wars: Empire at Wars from “Pricks are Us” (aka Game Stop) only to be turned away because, “Dude.. you didn’t reserve it.” Nice way of doing business, so I swung by the local Best Buy and got it with no problem and without even knowing, the person working the register was dropping a $10 gift card in my bag.

Whoah.. there fella.. I didn’t want to buy a gift card…Only to find out that they are passing out Gift Cards when you buy this game.. could be a Star Wars only thing.. but hey! That is cool with me.

My new plan with anal retentive business practices of “We have no Brains” (aka Game Stop) is to allow them to pucker up and kiss my white bung-hole!

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