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Howard the Duck #1, the seventh-best-selling comic title in comic stores in March (and the seventh-best-selling Marvel), sold nearly 86,000 copies, or around 17% more than the best-selling DC, the videogame tie-in Batman Arkham Knight #1, which sold around 73,000.

Up at the top of the chart, it looks like Star Wars is going to settle over 150,000; the third issue racked up over 161,000 copies in first-month sales in the #2 slot, almost identical to the sales of #2.  That would make it the #1 title in many months, giving Marvel another franchise title with reliably strong sales.

The first issue of Princess Leia was the top title in March, with over 253,000 copies sold, a hair below Darth Vader #1 last month, but continuing a string of huge launches in the Star Wars family for Marvel.