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Uncensored Ending To THE WALKING DEAD Season Four Is Way F***ing Better

Fans weren’t happy when Rick Grime’s final line in season four of The Walking Dead underwent one major alteration from the comic books, but now the uncensored version has found its way online and it’s fair to say that it’s about a million times better.



Thanks to Uproxx, we now have what is apparently the unaired version of the final few moments of The Walking Dead‘s fourth seasons. Changing the line above to, “They’re screwing with the wrong people,” lessened the impact of that scene and seemed like a bizarre choice of censorship in a series which regularly shows people being disembowelled and eaten alive. Regardless of whether or not this is real, it’s still pretty damn good, and at least we can all now pretend that THIS is how the season ended!

Father Gabriel Joins ‘The Walking Dead’

During the AMC Panel for The Walking Dead, executive producer David Alpert revealed the role actor Seth Gilliam will play on Season 5 – Father Gabriel.


According to Blastr, Alpert confirmed that The Wire star Seth Gilliam will play Father Gabriel, a character that originated in the comics.  The actor’s involvement in Season 5 as a regular was announced in May, but his role was not revealed until now.
In the comics, Father Gabriel appears in Issue #61 and joins Rick’s group.  The preacher eventually confesses that he initially survived the outbreak by  locking himself in his church and cowardly refusing to let members of his congregation or other survivors inside, letting them be killed by roaming zombies outside his sanctuary’s walls.

FIRST LOOK: Arsenal from CW’s ARROW

Meet the newest hero of DC’s live-action universe: Arsenal.

Entertainment Weekly reports that in the upcoming third season of DC’s Arrow on CW, Roy Harper (played by Colton Haynes) will take up the life of a costumed crusader under the name of Arsenal. For the first two seasons, Harper merely hoped to emulate Green Arrow, then dubbed ‘the Hood’ by the media. In season 2 after fighting crime on his own, he is abducted and injected with Slade Wilson’s super serum, Mirakuru, giving him superhuman abilities but also a bit of a rage issue. Arrow takes in Harper as a trainee, and eventually inducted him into Team Arrow.



Daryl’s In Some Serious Trouble In New Still From Season Five Of THE WALKING DEAD

Surely the AMC drama wouldn’t dare kill off one of The Walking Dead‘s most popular characters? We’ll have to wait until October to find out, but for now, hit the jump to check out this new still from season five as Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) finds himself in serious trouble.


Things aren’t looking good for Daryl Dixon here! It seems like Rick and the rest of the survivors are going to more than have their hands full when season five returns this October, especially with the residents (cannibals?) of Terminus keeping them prisoner! What do you guys think? Be sure to sound off with your thoughts on this latest preview of The Walking Dead in the usual place!


Firestorm to Appear in ‘The Flash’


Robbie Amell has been cast as Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm in the CW’s The Flash, according to Variety.  He’ll first appear in the third episode of the new series.
Series co-creators Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, along with DC CCO Geoff Johns, hatched the plan to include Firestorm in the series, according to the report.