Circuit City RIP, 03-08-09

Circuit City’s official death date is March 8, 2009. That means we have two more days to buy whatever is left.

Not that there is that much left. I know, I was in one on Monday. Not much there that anyone would want. And the discounts still aren’t that great for what is left behind.

The passing of Circuit City is not leaving many options out there for us retailers.  In my area, there is Best Buy (love hate relationship) and a Fry’s Electronics (to far to drive)  Even in this big metropolitan area I live in, you can still turn to Wal-Mart, but again they are like the poor man’s Costco.

I remember those days of D&G Computers, Computer Time, Egg Head Computer, those were great times; however they are gone now. And I will miss having those resources handy.

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