Concept Mistaken For Leaked Enterprise Image

AICN got the net buzzing today by linking to this image with the suggestion that it may be a leaked design for the Enterprise in the new Star Trek.



….but CGI artist Gabriel Koerner has confirmed this is actually one of his designs. Gabriel Koerner is well known to Star Trek fans as both a beloved fan featured in the documentaries Trekkies and Trekkies 2 as well as an accomplished CGI artist.

Koerner is living the dream working at Digital Domain and has done work for Star Trek Enterprise, Battlestar Galactica and many feature films. He is currently at work on the new Speed Racer film from the Wachowski brothers.

Like any CGI artist who is also a Trek fan, Koerner loves to make Star Trek models and many of his concepts for a ‘new’ Enterprise have shown up online, often mistaken for the real thing (by no fault of Gabe’s). The supposed leaked Enterprise is actually available on Gabriel’s website.

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