Dead Rising Might Make You Go Blind

Kotaku is running an article in regards to the very small text that a player has to read in the recently released Xbox 360 Dead Rising as one of thier writers vents about.

Dead Rising has the smallest text I’ve ever seen. I’m playing on a 36″ TV and I have to sit on the floor up near the screen to see anything. I absolutely can’t play for a long period of time because my eyes start to strain themselves and hurt. This has never happened to me with a game before. Is anybody else having this problem?
In all seriousness, even using component cables the picture is sharper, but the text is still like reading a font at size 12 from six feet away. There is no option to increase the text size – talk about stupid things ruining the game experience. I’m begging for a text size adjustment patch to be uploaded to the marketplace for download – oh, and for free! Look for our full review of Dead Rising as soon as I stop massaging my eyes to make the pain go away.

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