Dead Rising – what I think so far.

I am sure most are like me and just get a kick out of zombie bashing from time to time; however from what I have read, since Resident Evil has been the current Zombie ‘model’. It was quite refreshing not having to reach for the high blood pressure medicine so often as there is always tension in those types of games. Dead Rising, which makes no claims of being a “Dawn of the Dead” game has some similarites, but in an Army of Darkness kind of way. So, I have found Dead Rising incredibly fun to play.

As Frank West, a not so ordinary photographer who claims to have covered it all is noq at shopping mall invaded with zombies where he is to try and cover yet another store. There is a slight catch though, he only has 72 hours or he will miss his whirly bird ride.

The different missions (or scoops) you get in Dead Rising are key points of the story, but you have a limited amount of time to complete these objectives. Speaking of time, it is very easy to loose track of what you are trying to do as there ton of stuff to do in the game, and with the clock always against you, it seems impossible to see it all.

Throughout the game your character will experience a lot of character growth through things like Prestige and skill points. You get these prestige points (or PP’s) by completing missions, taking photos, etc., these points allow you to increase your abilities. (hint, it really helps if you can run a little faster then you after mall walking zombie)

If you were to ask me what I really don’t like about this game. I would have to say what is at the top of the list is the “save game” ability. All games should allow you to press the ‘start’ button and then save where you are. Instead you have to hunt down a couch or a bathroom to save. (What?!?!?)

Since I never owned a Game Cube I can’t compare Dead Rising this to Resident Evil (well, I had one for like a week and tried to play Resident Evil 4 and after about 2 hrs, both the console and the game were on eBay) but I can say that I have been having a lot of fun with this game.

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