DirecTV Free HD Swap

About 4 weeks ago, we got this in the mail:


Dear ****,

We have changed the manner in which we broadcast HD channels. Soon, your current DIRECTV® High-Definition equipment will not be HD compatible. Please call 1-888-763-7772 today and DIRECTV will replace your incompatible HD equipment FREE OF CHARGE. No strings attached.

The new HD broadcasting method will allow DIRECTV to deliver more channels in HD. We recently launched 95 HD channels with this new method, and many more are coming soon.

The HD programming you currently enjoy–NFL games, ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, HDNet, HBO®, SHOWTIME®–and others will need the latest HD equipment to be viewed in HD.

Just call us at 1-888-763-7772 to schedule your appointment. Mention the “FREE HD SWAP” and we’ll get your replacement HD equipment set up ASAP.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we just want to continue to improve your HD experience with us. Thank you for being a loyal DIRECTV customer.

Best Regards,

I first called to make sure that this wasn’t a gimic from another company that wanted to swap of out for their service.  It turned out to be on the up and up.

I had scheduled something for Mid-November (yes, that was the earliest upgrade date that they had), but in about 5 days we got a call that we have been moved up and DirecTV wanted to know which day would be best.

The 1st attempt at the swap wasn’t a great impression, the ‘technician’ did not want to get up on roof, he basically wanted to do the quick and fast way and just attache a new dish on the side and not even remove the old one. 

“Thank you… you mean leave now”.

I then called DirecTV back and complained, letting them know that the tech was nice enough, but this isn’t what we agreed on.  They escalated it and we a call back the next day from someone posing as a DirecTV supervisor and said that they would come out and do whatever it took to swap it out. 


Next Sunday came (today 10/19/2008) and we now have a new dish and a new HD receiver.   Not a Tivo receiver, but it will do.

Now that the new dish is pointing to a new satellite, we are getting some additional HD channels that we didn’t get before and all for the same price as before.

The one that I glad to see is the SciFi HD.  (Sweet)

Needless to say, it would appear that the 2nd time was the charm.

Needless do they know, in about 3 weeks we are going to be swapping to the AT&T U-verse anyways! (hello fiber)

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