Easy Peezy

Open box, plug in power, plug in network cable, power on, wait for all HD lights to stop flickering, install software and the HP MV2120 500GB Media Vault is ready to be go.

I am not kidding either, setting up a share is a snap as well.  This was a lot easier than building a new computer, installing software, applying updates, etc.

This little library is the new file server for our home.  It is also an addition to the Xbox Media Center that I am in the progress of customizing the way I want.

To date, the above little dude is storing the complete .iso of:

Blade Trinity, Hot Fuzz, I Am Legend, Predator, Resident Evil Extinction, Tremors, Troy and Diary of the Dead.


Once I get this all fine tuned the way I want.  I will share what I did and how I did it.

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