Game Play Pile: XCOM Enemy Within: Long War / Fallout 3 Modded


The Steam Summer sale 2014, gave me the opportunity to add to my PC game collection.  One of which was Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition.  I have since finished my OCD game play with Watch Dogs and am ready to move on.

Lets MOD!!

Fallout 3 GOTY:
Fallout 3 is a post apocalyptic sci-fi action role-playing open world video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, the third major installment in the Fallout series.  The Game of the Year Edition includes the original Fallout 3 game as well as all 5 of the downloadable content packs,but I have taken on the task of following a YouTube tutorial that shows how to modify [mod] the game in ways that the game experience will be different in look, feel, story and options that will enhance the game.  Since I have not played this game since it originally came out.  There is quite a bit that I have forgotten and with many mods that I have added, I am slightly scared and excited at the same time.

XCOM Enemy Within: Long War:
This mod makes more than 700 changes, large and small, to the vanilla version of the game. It is harder and longer than the vanilla version but gives you many more tools to combat the alien threat.

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