Hulk – Serious .. now

Solid acting and a pretty darn good story is all that was needed to wash away what you thought you witnesses from the Ang Lee’s version of this flick.  I think that the screenwriters along with the director established a firm foothold for the Jade Giant in Marvel Studio’s new big screen universe.  If the studio wishes to again bring the Hulk back to the box office, I am sure that they will be plenty of options to choose from.

I am sure that with the success of Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, most will be looking forward to Marvel Studio films hitting theaters in the coming years — the current list includes:

Iron Man 2 and Thor in 2010
Captain America and The Avengers in 2011

Marvel Studios is well on the path in creating what all comic book and film fans have wanted for years:  Superhero movies that make sense, keep true to the story lines of the from "the day".

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