I Weep for the Future

About once a month, someone will come into the shop and ask if we carry a certain comic book title.

Customer: Do you carry Trinity?

Me: Sure do!  You can find that title in the “New Comics” section under “T” for Trinity or if you are looking for the past couple of weeks, it will be on the wall to the right which is last weeks/months issues and they are alphabetical as well.

Then usually what happens, is that they will dash over to the new comic section .. and then they will frantically start looking from left to right for a couple of minutes.


Me: Did you find it?

Customer: Nope, are they listed in alphabetical order or something?

Me: Did you find the “T"’s”?

Customer: Nope


As I start to walk over, I always see them staring at Action, Amazing Spider-man, picking them up and putting them down and I always wonder to myself.  “Did they stop teaching the ABC’s and 123’s in school?”

Eventually, I show them Thor, Thunderbolts and .. Trinity.

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