Microsoft Releases GTA4 Sales Stats

Microsoft recently shared some new numbers on the 360 GTA4’s popularity. According to internal estimates, console sales for the Xbox 360 rose by 54% due to GTA4, with about 40% of new consoles sold being bought alongside a copy of the game. They also made the claim that 60% of all GTA4 copies sold in the first week were the Xbox 360 versions — which is certainly good sales if true, although not quite two-to-one.

And of course, being the first console GTA with true multiplayer functionality, the game dominated Xbox Live in its first week, tallying 2.3 million total players and taking the top spot as the most played game on Xbox Live. Microsoft probably had to do some bandwidth crunching to support the 1 million concurrent users on Xbox Live over the first weekend. The game also set a new record for time playing with an average of four hours. Sony hasn’t released their own numbers to counter Microsoft’s, but it’s safe to say both consoles are doing very well thanks to Rockstar. We’ll see the exact breakdown as NPD numbers for April and May are released.

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