My return to playing WOW

I didn’t stop playing the game becauseI wasn’t having fun. I didn’t stop playing due to a billing issue, I didn’t stop playing because I was banned for farming or being a script monger. I stopped playing because of Blizzard’s willingness to violate my privacy with their master control program. (aka warden)

I truly understand why Blizzard did it and I agree with the philosophy, after all you need to preserve the investment before someone takes advantage of an exploit and ruins it for everyone. I don’t have anything to hide, I am an honest person and like togame to the max, but when you install something on my computer and you don’t explain. It is like coming into my home and installing a video camera.

Has Blizzard changed the way that they are doing things? Nope! Does this mean that I have come across a way to circumvent their little video camera? I am not saying, all I will say is that the Internet is full of a lot smart people.

Since I had basically a 6-8 month gap from playing WOW, my character has gone from 41 to 50 in two weeks. No, I was not cheating, just grinding and 5 of those levels I had a blue XP bar, do it was double the XP for me and most of the quests I have been soloing which means that I get all of the XP. I also was able to max out my Tailoring skill and get my Enchantment skill almost at maximum as well, just need to work on Cooking and Fishing a little more.

Needless to say that when the City of Villians / Heroes Issue #7 comes out, my WOW play time will drop again.

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