No matter how careful you really are..

Last night, I thought I would follow Jose Fransico’s “Removing Spyware” advise:

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t like I haven’t done it before, I do run an AntiVirus application (AVG) all of the time and then on top of that. Right before each LAN party that I host (twice a year), I usually do the spyware removal thing…

The only step that I didn’t do that Jose points out was to run the Microsoft anti-spyware as the earlier reports has it detecting some of Microsofts software as threats. (yuk.. yuk)

I started off by running SpyBot which found 85 items (all cookies for advertising tracking) then on top of that I ran Ad-Aware SE which found 25 more items.. again.. more cookies and 2 registry entries.

This computer is clean…

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