No Phone & Internet for 28 hrs

Firstly… I am not addicted to the Internet, but it is a tool that I use in my business, so I need it to do my work.  There are tools in my business that need to connect via the Internet to do things.

Tuesday night when I closed up and went home, both the the phone and the Internet worked just fine.

Then on Wednesday, when I got in.  I was getting prepped for New Comics days and I noticed that I wasn’t able to get out to the internet and occasionally my router or DSL modem will take a nap and I have to do some power cycling to get it all back to normal.

The usual power on and power off didn’t work, the next step was to call AT&T and let them know, but guess what?  The phone didn’t have a dial tone, ever after unplugging and re-plugging the cords in.

Using the back up phone (aka the cell phone), I put in a trouble call to AT&T and was told that someone would be out the next day between 8am and noon.

The dude didn’t show up until about 11:30 and no matter what this “tech” did, he was not able to get dial tone on the business line.  The phone line that we use to process credit cards and for faxing worked fine though.

Long story short!  This poor excuse for an old man said that a new line was going to have to be laid and that when “they do it”, they will not do ceiling tiles and yadda.. yadda… yadda.

So I said, “Look… give me the wire and come back in one hour”

With in that hour, I had the new wire strung and ready to be punched down to be all manipulated.

Then.. the DSL filter wasn’t allowing dial tone through and he had to get a new one of those too.

So.. 1/2 into my day, I am back online and catching up.

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