On call , Gaming, PHP and HTML

This week, I am on-call for work, which means I will most likely loose lots of sleep, I won’t eat correctly and I am going to be a grump.

I have been getting in some gaming though. I am almost done with Medal of Honor: Breakthrough which is a continuation of the original story. The models are looking better, but this one has too many snipers and they are getting in my way. What I really hate about these types of games is when you finally get a squad of men to help out, they all get caught in a fire fight and all get blown away. Or when you get into a jeep and you are manning a machine gun. You are taken out by a freakin plane with a bomb. DANG IT!!

Oh, I don’t get PHP, but I am trying

HTML – that is pretty easy… I mean, I do what I need to do to get what I need to do or until someone shows me a better way of doing it.

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