A Gears of War 2 Wishlist

TeamXbox has a very nice wishlist for GOW2:

Gears of War 2 is coming. Granted, nothing has been officially announced or anything, but we all know that Epic and Microsoft will milk that glorious cash cow as long as possible. The game’s already flying off store shelves, the Xbox Live lobbies are packed, and I know several people (OK, just me) who have played through the whole game more than once. A sequel (or, perhaps, prequel?) is inevitable, so we thought that now might be a great time to let Epic know what we want to see in the next game. There are already rumors floating around “teh intarwebs” that the game is the first part in a planned trilogy, so we’ll cut Cliffy B and the boys a little slack if our suggestions don’t make it into the second part.

More Backstory
If you purchased the Special UberWicked Limited Collector’s Edition, you got a chance to read all about the history of the planet Sera, from the description of exactly what Imulsion is to the story behind the “Pendulum Wars” to the socialist leanings of the Coalition of Ordered Governments. While the game mentioned a bit of this stuff (mostly in passing), it really didn’t take full advantage of the admittedly intriguing backstory. We’re hoping that the next game fleshes all of this out a bit more, whether it be through cutscenes or in-game dialogue or flashbacks. I mean, don’t you want to know what Marcus did to end up in prison?

More Varied Multiplayer Modes
While there’s no denying that crushing skulls under your boot during a heated game of Execution is an absolute blast, we can’t help but wish that there were a few objective-based gametypes thrown in for good measure. I mean, Assassination sort of fits the bill, but it just isn’t the same as a Territories or Capture-the-Flag game. Instead of truly working as a cohesive unit, players can just run off and try to take the opposing team out on their own. Wouldn’t it be fun to work together toward a common goal? What about a rousing game of Destroy the Seeder?

4 Player Co-op Play
This one’s kind of a no-brainer. Since much of Gears of War’s action involves four players, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to hop online with four of your friends. One could control Marcus, one could play as Dom, a third could be my man Cole, with the final hopping in to open doors as Jack. Errr, maybe they’d rather be Baird. No matter what the final setup is, this would be a blast, especially if there were four branching paths at a given time, as opposed to the two that we saw in Gears.

Better Dialogue
As much as I love the whole “badass action hero” air that Marcus exudes, some of his dialogue in the game is downright awful. There were a few good moments here and there (mostly when either Baird was making wisecracks or Cole was going nuts), but most of the dialogue was pretty hammy. Imagine Arnie’s “Commando” mixed with Stallone’s “Rambo” (with a little Marvin/Norris “Delta Force” thrown in for good measure) and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what to expect from the script. Oh well, at least the voicework is solid.

A Better Lobby System
Have you ever switched gametypes in between rounds on Xbox Live? You know, like going from Warzone to Execution because that’s what everyone wants to play? No? Well, that’s probably because you can’t. Once you’re in a game, the options are extremely limited. Pretty much all you can do is change your character or kick other players out. Would it be too much to ask to be able to change the maps on the fly or tweak any of the other options? Gears of War features some of the best multiplayer action around, but having to leave a game, make changes, then re-invite everyone is just a pain in the ass.

Brumaks, Brumaks, Brumaks!
Without spoiling too much (SPOILER ALERT!), let’s just say that we were a bit disappointed by the sequence involving the hulking behemoth with the heavy weaponry on its back. I mean, wouldn’t that be an insane boss battle?

Only One Save?
Although it’s certainly not as restrictive as, say, Dead Rising, the save system in Gears of War could use a little work. You can only have one campaign save at a time, and while you can go back and play any of the previous chapters, you won’t start with any of the weapons that you already had (something I found out the hard way). Sure, you can use multiple memory cards, but does anyone really want to do that? This would come in particular handy when you’re playing co-op games with multiple friends, so hopefully we’ll be seeing it in the next game.

More Varied Environments
While there were definitely some cool environments (the Greenhouse and most of Act Two immediately come to mind), we were getting a bit tired of the whole “Destroyed Beauty” thing after a while. In the next game, we’d love to see some outdoor environments (seriously, just think about taking cover behind a redwood that’s slowly being chipped away by gunfire) or something with a wide variety of lighting (Vegas, baby!).

Less Gray, More Color
This kind of ties into the previous entry in the list, but wouldn’t it be great to see what the Unreal Engine 3 could do with bright, vibrant colors? During a demonstration at the Game Developers Conference a few years ago, we had a chance to check out what the engine could really do. A windmill stood in the middle of a huge, green pasture that was dotted with flowers of all colors. It was truly beautiful, and something we’d love to see in the next game. I mean, just think of how nice the autumnal leaves look as you make your way up to the mansion. Maybe the next time we see Marcus, he’ll be fighting his way out of a flower shop.

Although we want a lot more stuff (such as more multiplayer maps and ranked matches with friends), we’ll hold off until we see what Epic’s got planned for downloadable content. This should be enough to get the team’s creative juices flowing, and we’re hopeful that they give this article a read while they’re relaxing on a beach with a well-deserved alcoholic beverage of their choice.

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