Prey Demo – Review

For those of you that either have been living under a the WOW 1.11 patch (aka rock) or haven’t had an Internet connection for the last couple of days should now be aware that the PC demo for Prey is out. As for the Demo for the Xbox 360, reports are stating that is hasn’t been fully tested and that is why it hasn’t been released.

From what I can tell so far, the really new and cool aspect of Prey is the new portal system. Some of the portals are embedded in doorways, crates, and I would imagine other items as well. (I read in fact that they will show up out of thin air as well) Upon stepping through, you are seamlessly teleported to a completely different area of the game, but here is the kicker, ‘no load screen‘ or any kind. [way cool]

The Prey demo (which uses the Doom 3 engine) will include two levels for multiplayer. From what I have experienced so far is that Prey has given us another solid shooting experience with impressive visuals and enough unique gameplay elements to keep us shooting through it.

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