Saturday Morning Cartoons Volume 2 on DVD

If you don’t recall what was on volume 1 , sorry but there are more of the classics coming at you.


The Saturday morning cartoons selected for Warner Home Video’s collection of 1960s and 1970s spotlights really hold up on HDTVs. They’ve got solid lines and bright colors despite a warning that the materials are worn. Sure, you see dirt in some of them but those are random spots on a full frame of picture. Plus, it makes them look more historical.

Saturday Morning Cartoons Volume 2 on DVD

Popular shows like Tom and Jerry and The Road Runner are sharper. More obscure ones like Adam Ant are fuzzier. The live action from Banana Splits looks awful but that’s not even a cartoon so I wonder why they included it.

Each cartoon displays a different aesthetic. Tom and Jerry is more fluid. Looney Tunes have their distinct exaggeration. Inch High Private Eye is stiffer. Valley of the Dinosaurs and the superhero cartoons have more realistic motion, down to the total celebrity mimicry of the animated Gilligan.

These collections showcase some creative mash-ups, like Road Runner and Speedy Gonzales with Road Runner and Tom chasing them. Stories like the Bigot ray are actually profound.

A five-minute featurette on each collection is a nice extra with some history about one of the cartoons. The Saturday Morning Wake-Up calls are recently produced headers intended to mimic a ‘60s or ‘70s announcer. You can tell they’re new, but it’s a nice atmosphere setting effort.

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