Star Trek 2009

After five years of no new Trek, J.J has created a seriously enjoyable film for us all to enjoy.  They do exactly what you want: pay respect to Shatner and Nimoy, but make the characters their own.  Fans of Kirk and Spock will have a lot to think about as these two handsome men get face to face quite a bit.

Eric Bana is great as Nero, but I am afraid he is given a little bit of the short end of the stick. I urge everyone to read the 4-issue comic "Countdown," the official sanctioned prequel to Star Trek. It will give you much greater insight into why Nero behaves the way he does, the origin of "Original" Spock’s crazy fish-lookin’ ship and the curious substance "red matter."

If you don’t read it, though, I guess it’s not so bad. For most people, this is a popcorn flick and, as such, everything just sings.

Now – bring on the Star Trek MMO!!

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