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If you own it, then download it – are you still in violation?

Ok – lets say that I just got back from Best Buy with my very own copy of Seabiscuit. Right? Then I download it or something, so am I stealing now?

Santa brought me…

As I said, it was a pretty good Christmas and before anyone gets all high and mighty on me. No, it isn’t all about the presents. I like this time a year for a few reasons. I get to take some time off from work. I get to see family and friends and I am generally more happier around this time a year. sometimes I come down with that seasonal cold, but so far I am doing ok.

Here is the list, check it twice. [a little santa humor]
Jeepers Creepers 2
Escape from New York (SE)
Treo 600 hands free car kit
Best Buy gift card
6 Big Dog shirts (awesome stuff too)
DinoWire or Hubzilla

We are leaving!!

Plop PlopThis evening; I thought it would be a good idea to have dinner at Marie Calendars. They have a pretty nice menu, average salad bar and a very wide selection of pies. 🙂 Since the restaurant and the Best Buy (where I would be acquiring a copy of Next Generation: Season 4) are pretty close to each other. I would be able to eat and get my trek is one fell swoop.

I suppose I shouldn’t have picked the peak rush hour to do all of this in, but I was getting hungry and I did want to be able to get home in time to enjoy at least 1 episode.

I go into Best Buy, picked up the DVD collection, scanned around real quick to see if there was a new game, another new DVD that I was interested in and a quick check on prices for DVD-RW drives. Paid for my items and I was out the door and on my way to the Marie Candler’s.

When we got there, there was no waiting (always a plus) and we were seated at a table versus a booth. (Another plus for me) However, the people (A mother, her father [old chap] and her child) were at the table next to me.

The Waitress comes along with menus and takes the drink orders. It was at this time I noticed that each time the mother tells something to her father. She had to be loud and slow. 🙁 (groan) Also, the child is not really “under control” shall we say. He is being just a kid, but was standing up in his chair a lot and was flailing his arms here and there.

It was about 1/2 through my French dip sandwich and most of my fries when I decided that it was time to leave, but because the waitress moved at a snails pace. I was forced to endure a conversation between the father and the daughter over a piece of pie and why it was free. AARRGGHH

New DVD Arrival

TNG 4th SeasonJust picked this up at the local Best Buy. This is perhaps one of the best seasons that Star Trek:Next Generation had.

The first episode is the second half of the cliff hanger, “Best of Both Worlds” where Capt. Picard is assimulated by the borg. Lots of phasers, torpedoes, mass destrution how it should be. 🙂 The sad part, is that there is only 3 seasons left. 🙁

Based on the current release schedule that they have been maintaining, the whole series should be out by around March of 2003.