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Funny whom you can run into at the Atlas Park Hospital

It has been a few months since I played either COH or COV and with the announcement of the Marvel Universe Online, I think that the days of this MMO are numbered.

A new addition for Issue 7 in COH/COV

Over the weekend, I endured the massive ‘training‘ room download for COH, but after that was done.. I snapped this image:

City of Heroes Hiatus

It was about 6 months ago when Mikazuki (blaster energy/devices) had made 50th level and I basically stopped playing, but I was logging on from time to time to worka little on my Ill/Kenetic controller. However; a couple of days ago, I thought it would be cool to log into COH and see all of the new stuff. Just for diving into the game, I was awarded three new badges:

Type Achievement
Achieved Sets
Task Defeat 1,000 Rikti Monkeys
Effects None
Location N/A
Description The best places to find Rikti Monkeys are Crey’s Folly and the
Cutlass Isles in Peregrine Island.
Type Achievement
Achieved Damage
Task Pay off 5,000,000 Debt
Effects None
Location N/A
Description You have proven that you are Deathless in your pursuit against evil.
Type Achievement
Achieved Damage
Task Pay Off 10,000,000 Points of Debt
Effects None
Location N/A
Description The number 10,000,000 is a guess based on estimates
prior to the release of Issue 5. The exact number will be added as soon
as it is verified.

COH and the Archers

A little labor day gaming with the archers, we all made it to eighth level today. Finished up the Outcasts, Trolls and the 1st and 2nd Troll base missions in the Hollows and now have to chat with Flux. From left to right you have Avaya (Hawkeye rip off) [controller], Worra (Arrow backwards) [blaster] and Lossalegs (Legalas parody)[blaster].

It is refreshing to be back to playing City of Heroes after my short sabaticall. There appears to be a lot more lag than I remember, but this all could be due to the return of many COH returners like me putting a little more stress on the servers than they were expecting.

Stretchy pants in COH today

Today for about 4 hrs, my friend Toneman, Jr and his wife/son combination and myself all gathered on the Guardian server of City of Heroes where we tested out some of the new power sets made available in Issue 5 that was made live just a couple of days ago.

After a couple hour hours doing that XP grind in Atlas, we finally made it to the Hollows and it was just a couple of hours of bashing outcast and trolls before we all had to call it a night.

More tomorrow though….