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The ABC’s of Andy (Sort of..)

– Available: I’m hitched, for life and very blessed.
– Age: How old is dirt?  The way I act does not reflect how old I am.  I am the oldest Toy’s R Us kid.
– Annoyance: Those that ‘still’ write checks at the grocery store.
– Birthday: March 29th
– Best Friends: Refer to ‘A’, my soul mate Jackie is my best friend.
– Body Part on Opposite Sex: Eyes. I’m a sucker for a blue eyes.
– Best feeling in the world: Knowing that I can get at least one person to smile one day a week.
– Blind or Deaf: Blind. If there was only silence, it would be hard to imagine laughter.
– Best Weather: Stormy and Rainy
– Been in Love: Yes and still am.
– Been on stage: Yes, but only 15 mins
– Believe in Magic: Sorry, I believe in fate.
– Believe in Santa: Heck yeah!
– Candy: Almond Joy
– Color: Red, Liquorice Rope
– Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate
– Chinese/Mexican: Mexican
– Cake or Pie: French Apple Pie.
– Continent to visit: I have been everywhere I want, USA!! USA!!
– Cheese: American
– Day or Night: Day… err Night.  Yes.. what was the question?
– Dance in the rain?: I like the rainy weather, but that because I have a roof over my head. Stupid question..
– Do the splits?: Umm nope, I am built like a line backer.
– Eggs: w/Bacon and English muffin.
– Eyes: Green/HZL
– Everyone’s got: Elbows and a’holes.
– Ever failed a class?: Yes… Art – if it wasn’t for a ruler, I would not be able to draw a straight line.
– Full name: Please call me Andy
– First Thought Waking Up: Why is it such a long walk to the bathroom?
– Food: Bring it!
– Greatest Fear: Not experiencing love or friendship.
– Goals: Get someone to smile.
– Gum: Not a big chewer, how about a tick tack?
– Get along with your parents?: Does any big kid?
– Hair Color: Grey, White, Salt and Pepper.
– Height: 6’3
– Happy: Pretty Much, everyday seems like a Friday to me in the end.
– How do you want to die: ouch!  I don’t really think about that, but with a smile.
– Ice Cream: Rocky Road
– Instrument: I don’t play but I love the sound of the Saxophone.
– Jewelry: They get in my way and I always end up scratching them or someone with them.
– Job: I have the worlds best comic, I work/own a Comic Book store which is a passion of mine.
– Kids: OPK!!!  (Other Peoples Kids)
– Kickboxing or karate: aren’t they pretty much the same?  Can’t we just get a long?
– Keep a journal?: The internet has a few of mine out there.
– Longest Car Ride: 23hrs From Key West, FL to Tallahassee, FL.
– Letter: A
– Laughed so hard you cried: The closest I come is when I laugh so hard, that is becomes the “silent laugh”, followed by the sound of sucking in allot of air.
– Milk flavor: Chocolate
– Movies: Starwars or Startrek II
– Motion sickness?: Only on small boat after eating.
– McD’s or BK: I am not longer a burger fan, love Pizza though.
– Number of Siblings: 0
Number of Piercings: 0
– Number: The one that helps me win the lottery
– One wish: For my friends to be happy.
– Perfect Pizza: Yes… have some.
– Pepsi or Coke: Sorry.. I can’t really drink anything carbonated
– Quail: Dan? That sounds political, no thanks can I please watch cartoons?
– Reason to Cry: Have you ever watched Old Yellow?  Who doesn’t cry at the end of that?
– Reality T.V.: When there was ‘real’ reality, but now it is all about rating and making movie off someone else’ drama.
– Radio Station: I rarely listen, but when I do, Classic rock please
– Roll your tongue in a circle?: Nope
– Ring size: I have no idea
– Song: Another one of my failing qualities, I like music, but rarely know the artist.
– Should You Lie?: You know the rule, Honesty is the best..
– Shoe Size: 11
– Salad Dressing: Roadford or Bleu Cheese.
– Sushi: California Roll
– Skipped School: Sure.. we all did it.. right?
– Slept Outside: Yep
– Smoked?: Talk about a pet peev.
– Skinny Dipped?: Whos asking?
– Sing Well?: Laugh Out Loud
– Swear?: I was in the US Navy, what do you think Sailor 101 was?
– Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawbs!!!!!!!
– Time for Bed: When there is nothing on TV and I can’t seem to work a computer mouse anymore.
– Thunderstorms: I would have to say no, they impact my computer too much
– Unpredictable: No – I am pretty solid.
– Vacation Spot: I am a home body, so – ‘home’
– Which one of your friends acts the most like you?: Umm, I don’t think that applies anymore..
– Wanted to be a model?: Nope
– Worst Weather?: Hot!!!!!  Fair skin and Sun, you are kidding right?
– X-Rays: I’ve had several…broken toe, arm, ankle.
– Ex’s: I see one from time to time
Year it is Now: 2010
Yorkshire: What?
– Zoo animal: Monkey’s!!

Bible Book drawn by the same dude as Felix the Cat.


Running a “Comic Book” store, one would think that you wouldn’t get to many people looking for a “Bible”, but there are those days.


Customer: I just head on NPR that there is a comic book that came out today that was drawn by the same guy that did Felix the Cat (do you know who that is??) but this is a tongue and cheek version.

Me: Yes.. I know how the character “Felix” the cat, but I will have to do a Google on the artist as that is something I don’t know off the top of my head.

[taping away on the computer]

Me: okay, according to the wiki on Felix the Cat, it was created back in 1919 and the creator was Pat Sullivan.  I suppose if this dude is still around (around 90 yrs old) ….

Customer: Yeah.. perhaps it wasn’t that guy, but the comic was suppose to be out today, do you have it?
Me:  New Comic books are Wednesdays, so if we did order it, it would be this coming Wednesday.
Customer: Oh.. do you know if you ordered it?
Me: That does not sound familiar, as we don’t get many people asking for “bible” related titles.  You are going to have to help me a little more on the title so I can try to narrow down a bit.

Customer: Genesis!!
<insert Beast Boy scream here>
Me:  Yes, I am familiar with elements of that part of the bible, but I am not seeing any comic book listed called Genesis.  Let me go over the the NPR site and see if they talk about it.

[more taping on the customer and searching the NPR web site]

Me: Are you perhaps talking about , “Crumb’s ‘Genesis,’ A Sexy Breasts-And-Knuckles Affair”
Customer:   That’s it!  that is the one!  Do you have it!!

Me: Hang on a sec, let me check.  Looks like the book was offered to retailer in July 2009 and came out September and did not order any, sorry, but we do have The Complete Crumb Comics Vol #16.  This is the artist that did the book that you are looking for.
Customer: I WILL TAKE IT!

Memorial 2009 Holiday

Now – many people got this day off and I for one was one of them.  I pretty much work 7 days a week.  Some may say, “Working at a Comic Book store, isn’t really work".  However; there are those days , but yes I have much less stress from my former occupation.

What does one do for their day off when they work 7 days a week?

Slept in, started on my liquid breakfast (Snapple and diet Mt. Dew) and started to play City of Villains’.

I had made arrangements with my normal COH/COV group to start new toons where we all would create Master Minds and play for like 4-5 hours.  Starting around 8.30a, they all slowly started to show up and soon we have about 7 people with all little minions to boss around.  (it was so awesome!)

After playing a little of City of Villains, it was time to watch some Tivo that was saved up and get in a couple more SG-1 Episodes. (currently on Season 6)

Had an awesome lunch, watched more Tivo and SG-1 and then around 6pm, it was back to COV for a Strike Force.

I have a very relaxing day off eating, playing games and watching great stuff on TV.

Comic Book pull list Week 5/13/2009

Green Lantern Corps #36 – To get a glimpse of Sinestro and Daughter dearest, yikes!  I am pretty sure that this book is going to be part of a pretty good story.

Secret Warriors #4 – The jury is still out on this one, but for me.  Any chance to have a good story with Nick Fury, I am a sucker for it.  All and all, this book has had a pretty good start, but last issue was a little slow for me.

Just a small sample of what I am looking forward to this week.

Comic Book homework before FCDB

In order to ensure that GamersCircle Comics doesn’t pass out a comic to the ‘wrong’ audience, I am reading ever since FCBD comic that we will be giving out.

The line up consists of: