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60 Days and still going..

The title almost started to sound like an energizer bunny commercial, but it has nothing to do with batteries.  I thought I would get in here and just drop a quick entry that the Comic Book store has been officially open for 60 days. (since the grand opening)

The crash register will show something different though, since we did a ‘soft’ open 10 days before, but what the heck.

The place is really filling up too, the tables that are set aside for in-store gaming are now occupied on Wednesday’s (ok, that is a given since it is ‘new comics day’, Thursday’s for Heroclix and Friday’ for Friday Night Magic!!

My Hummer is in a Comic Book..

How cool is this?

In the latest issue of Ultimate Spider-Man.  The bad guys are driving a Hummer (black) SUT!  Well, okay.. it isn’t ‘mine’ , but hey, still cool.

Soft Open…

In about a week, I am going to need a massage, epson salt for the bath and therapy.. (laugh)

Tomorrow, I am starting the first day of my new life as the owner and operator of a Comic Book store.

I have been posting progress pictures on my flickr account, so go check them out.

Tonight, I just wrapped up some cricital items that are a must for a comic book store of today and I think I am ready to go to the store today and turn on the “Open Sign”. For the past month, there has been a ton of man hours poured into reverting this space from the former travel agency into the family fun loving comic book store.

Tonight when I left, the store looked to naked.. as I took down the butcher paper that has been up since early July.

So… wish me luck!!

Working at a Comic Book store, is that a real job?

About Twenty Two years back, I worked for a large comic books chain in California. I honestly think a big part of what I know/don’t know about comics I learned this whole new side of the world in regards to comics. I realized that it wasn’t just paper with pretty pictures on them.

You learn a lot about comics on that side of the counter, and I don’t mean like in what issue Hulk hit that one guy with an entire train (although you do pick up on alot of the cool stuff). You learn about the readers, you learn about the distribution, and most of all, you learn about how much hard work it is to actually run a good store. Like, the mystery of why so many comic shops look and smell like dungeons. (grin)

Comics retailing ain’t easy; it’s a calling. The ones who do it well are a rarity for a reason and I respect the hell out of them. It demands a drive and dedication and talent that come in short supply. But when the stars align there’s nothing that makes me happier than a great comic book store. Wherever they are and whomever they’re run by, a great store is the difference between a browser and a reader, between a tourist and a graser.

A store is a store, and its customers are transitory; a great store fosters readers for life.

Comics are a business built on the seven-day sales cycle. Some stores flush product off their shelves like expired milk every seven days; others, the great ones, use that as a core to build on. It’s not easy, and it’s not cheap, and every time I go in a shop that’s clearly in it to win it, I’m compelled to spend money. (damn you!!)

If I could, at a moments notice I would want to go back to 1984 and take pride if bagging and boarding.

Comic Book to Statues.. cool stuff (Uncanny X-Men)

I finally got around to putting out on display a couple of Marvel Diorama and show also the comic books that they are modeled after too, check them out:

Unquestionably the most well-regarded, well-known and best-loved story in X-Men history, the Dark Phoenix Saga is one of the greatest comic-book tales of all time. Prior to the Dark Phoenix Saga, we witnessed part of the power of the Phoenix, a primordial force that had chosen Jean Grey as a host. It’s possible that Jean could have learned to control and even harness the Phoenix Force, but the Hellfire Club had other ideas. Mastermind began messing with Jean Grey’s head, slowly twisting her into a loyal member. But the HFC got far more than they bargained for, ultimately unleashing the Phoenix to threaten the safety of the entire universe.The Phoenix was a destroyer of worlds, more powerful and more feared than Galactus. The Shi’ar knew that in order to keep the universe safe, Jean Grey had to die. Of course, the X-Men were not going to stand for such a thing. But the Phoenix was, in fact, too much for Jean Grey to control and she knew it. Jean sacrificed herself for the greater good.

Uatu, the Watcher, perhaps the most annoying cosmic character in all of Marvel-dom, managed to summarize the events with rare poignancy. “Jean Grey could have lived to become a God. But it was more important that she die… a human.”

Days of Future Past is the name of a popular storyline in the Marvel Comics comic book Uncanny X-Men issues #141 and #142. It deals with a dystopian alternate future in which mutants are incarcarated in concentration camps. An older Kitty Pryde transfers her mind into the younger, present-day Kitty Pryde, who brings the X-Men to prevent a fatal moment in history which triggers anti-mutant hysteria.The storyline was very popular at the time and was produced during the franchise’s meteoric rise to popularity, which was largely due to the Dark Phoenix Saga and Days of Future Past writer/artist team of Chris Claremont and John Byrne. As a result of this popularity, the dark future seen in this story was revisited later on several occasions.