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Battlefield Heroes Movie

Planet Battlefield has ShakyCam video of a Battlefield Heroes presentation where DICE executive producer Ben Cousins introduces the interface from the coming free-to-play installment in the multiplayer military shooter series.

Developers response to BF2142 issues

EA and Digital Illusions (DICE) have moved to calm concerns about the current state of Battlefield 2142 after players experienced a number of issues during the game’s first few days on sale.

In an update to the game’s official forum, DICE said it was aware of issues where stats and awards weren’t properly registered, problems with PunkBuster anti-cheat technology and EA Master Server disconnects, and “will continue to update everyone on our status until these issues are resolved”.

“Last weekend we made updates that resolved the issues causing some awards or stats to not be properly awarded to players,” it said on the first point. “Unfortunately any stats or awards not received before this update can not be replaced.”

It also advised players to visit the PunkBuster website and go through the manual update procedure to sort out any lingering issues there, adding, “We are currently working with PunkBuster to resolve player issues and allow for a smoother experience and to eliminate server kick issues that are still affecting some players.”

Finally, “We have added additional enhancements to our server infrastructure to eliminate the majority of the disconnection problems. We will be putting forth every effort through the weekend to completely eliminate this issue for all our players.”

Battlefield 2142 Patch

It would appear that there is already a patch available for Battlefield 2142, updating DICE’s just-released multiplayer shooter to version 1.01.

Battlefield 2142: Review

What I like: DICE’ new Titan mode can be viewed as a futuristic broadside mode wich is face paced and intense. If you play this mode, it would make you think twice about playing the traditional conquest mode as it will lack in luster. The new unlock system rewards long-term play and allows your character to become more diverse over time; the trademark battlefield formula of infantry and vehicle combat remains about the same.

What I think sucked: Only two sides, and the load times are still to long.

Without a doubt,  BF2142 is another great addition to the line Battlefield family.   For those of you FPS’er, this is a must add for the collection which is most likely out grown your available desktop space.

Electronic Arts Acquires DICE, Retains Battlefield Focus

Major developer and publisher Electronic Arts has announced that it has completed the acquisition of the Swedish-headquartered Digital Illusions CE (aka DICE) development studio, making the company a fully integrated EA studio. The acquisition is effective immediately. The deal also sees DICE CEO Patrick Söderlund named as an EA Studio General Manager, where he will continue his role maintaining responsibility for the DICE studio while taking on additional creative responsibilities. Via Gamasutra