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Battlefield 2 Patch

The new patch for Battlefield 2 is now available, updating DICE’s military shooter sequel to version 1.4. The patch notes for the new version are in the story following this one, and in addition the patch adds the promised new Road to Jalalabaad map and new “No Vehicles” server option. You can get it from Fileplanet

BF2142 Open Beta in August and beta?

DICE: The demo for BF2 went out about 10 days before launch if I remember correctly, I am sure something similar will be the deal for 2142. We are also going to throw out an open beta in the beginning of August.

The beta is predominately to learn about large scale issues, i.e. when we have 10 000’s of people playing at the same time, eliminating some of the problems we have encountered after launch previously in the franchise. Keep your eyes open to join.

via BF2142.com

Battlefield 2 Update – again (6/2/2006)

A new Battlefield 2 community update promises help for mod authors, as well professing their acknowledgment of unspecified issues with the latest update to the game, saying they are searching for answers:

Attention Soldiers and Server Admins!

The teams here at DICE and at EA want to take a moment to acknowledge that we are aware of the issues that some are experiencing with the latest release.

We are continuing our work to review and find potential solutions to the problems affecting many players and server admins. We are also reviewing recent changes to servers and gameplay.

While we continue our work internally we want to remind everyone to keep using the EA forums to provide feedback. We review the comments in these and other forums regularly while we consider the direction of Battlefield.

We also want to assure to the mod community that we understand the difficulties you have worked through and we are continuing to look for ways to help everyone and find ways to promote all of the mods and their hard working teams.

As always keep your eyes to this space for all the latest Battlefield News.