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Game Play Pile: Alien Isolation


I was able to satisfy the internal pact that I made with myself.  “I cannot play a new game until I finish a couple of games that I got from the last Steam Sale.  Those two games were: Dawn of War II [and the expansions] along with and Fallout 3 Modded [and all the dlcs]

To the best of my recollection; I do not remember if I have ever played a horror survival type of game before.  Then comes along Alien Isolation, a survival game that takes place within the Alien atmosphere?  Yeah!  Okay… spank me twice, take my money and bring me pizza.

The story is utterly compelling, the game play [mechanics] are pretty good.  This scary first person shooter is not only scaring the piss out of me, but they also added in a crafting engine.  Just when you think, you might be close to finishing… “they pull me back in”.. no really.. that frapping alien.  It will do that if you don’t really play this game smart.  As of this post, I haven’t finished the game, yet.  There are times that I just want it to end, but on the other hand, the story that is being told, could have been a pretty good direct to DVD movie.

BATMAN: THE COMPLETE TV Series Coming to Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Download November 2014

Batman: The Complete Series is coming home after a mere half-century wait. Announced last year as receiving a home edition, new details were released today by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, including the November 2014 timeframe. The series will come to Blu-ray, DVD, and in HD Digital Download, the company announced, finally clarifying formats.

All 120 episodes of the series are included in the collection (plus special features), and they’ve been fully remastered in high definition for the release.

In addition, to celebrate the release, WB is holding a panel centered on the series with Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar all in attendance at Comic-Con International: San Diego. The panel will be held Thursday, July 24 from 6:00-7:00pm in Hall H, and will include looks at the special features, more details on the project, and a Q&A with the actors who played Batman, Robin, and Catwoman on the show.

Saturday Morning Cartoons Volume 2 on DVD

If you don’t recall what was on volume 1 , sorry but there are more of the classics coming at you.


The Saturday morning cartoons selected for Warner Home Video’s collection of 1960s and 1970s spotlights really hold up on HDTVs. They’ve got solid lines and bright colors despite a warning that the materials are worn. Sure, you see dirt in some of them but those are random spots on a full frame of picture. Plus, it makes them look more historical.

Saturday Morning Cartoons Volume 2 on DVD

Popular shows like Tom and Jerry and The Road Runner are sharper. More obscure ones like Adam Ant are fuzzier. The live action from Banana Splits looks awful but that’s not even a cartoon so I wonder why they included it.

Each cartoon displays a different aesthetic. Tom and Jerry is more fluid. Looney Tunes have their distinct exaggeration. Inch High Private Eye is stiffer. Valley of the Dinosaurs and the superhero cartoons have more realistic motion, down to the total celebrity mimicry of the animated Gilligan.

These collections showcase some creative mash-ups, like Road Runner and Speedy Gonzales with Road Runner and Tom chasing them. Stories like the Bigot ray are actually profound.

A five-minute featurette on each collection is a nice extra with some history about one of the cartoons. The Saturday Morning Wake-Up calls are recently produced headers intended to mimic a ‘60s or ‘70s announcer. You can tell they’re new, but it’s a nice atmosphere setting effort.


Okay, I was barely around for the 1960’s , bit I do fondly remember lost of the toons that are now available on Saturday Morning Cartoons: 1960s Vol. 1

Disc #1
TOP CAT – The Tycoon (Also on the Complete series DVD set)
ATOM ANT SHOW with PRECIOUS PUP & HILLBILLY BEARS – Up & Atom / Precious Jewels / Woodpecked
THE PETER POTAMUS SHOW with BREEZLY and SNEEZLY & YIPPEE, YAPPEE and YAHOOEY – Fe-Fi-Fo Fun / All Riot on the Northern front / The Volunteers
SECRET SQUIRREL SHOW with SQUIDDLEY DIDDLY & WINSOME WITCH – Sub Swiper / Way Out Squiddly / Prince of a Pup
THE FLINTSTONES – The Happy Household (Also on the seasonal DVD sets)
THE PORKY PIG SHOW – Often An Orphan/Mice Follies/The Super Snooper (Daffy Duck)
THE QUICK DRAW McGRAW SHOW with SNOOPER AND BLABBER & AUGIE DOGIE – Dynamite Fright/Outer Space Case/Growing Growing Gone

Disc #2
THE JETSONS – Rosey The Robot (Also on the season 1 DVD set)
MARINE BOY – Battle To Save The World {Anime}
SPACE GHOST/DINO BOY SHOW – The Heat Thing / The Worm / Zorak (also on the complete series DVD set)
HERCULOIDS – The Beaked People / The Raider Apes
FRANKENSTEIN JR. AND THE IMPOSSIBLES – The Shocking Electric Monster / The Bibbler / The Spinner
THE MAGILLA GORILLA SHOW with PUNKIN PUSS & RICOCHET RABBIT – Gridiron Gorilla / Small Change / Atchison, Topica and San Jose (Also on the complete series DVD set)
Bonus Materials:
THE QUCK DRAW McGRAW SHOW (with SNOOPER AND BLABBER and AUGIE DOGIE) – Dough Nutty / El Kabong Was Wrong / Gem Jam

Tversity = Easy Internet Nomad

I have a routine that I go through when it comes to TV watching.  I came up with this the 2nd year I had a Tivo.  Right around Sweeps Week and March Madness, I stop watching the ‘new’ TV that my DVR snags and either double up on the netflix or re-watch a TV series I have on DVD.

This way when there isn’t anything on TV (you know, Big Bang, Simpsons, Family Guy, etc) , you have new stuff to turn to still.

Now – I inadvertently deleted a LOST episode that I hadn’t watched and CBS has rotated it off their site, but I was able to locate another source, but I would have been forced to watch it on a computer screen. Dang it!

If you have an Xbox360 or Playstation , then you Tversity will be the answer to your streaming issues.