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Xbox Live Video Marketplace has problems on Launch

Xbox Live’s new digitally downloaded television shows and rental movies didn’t have a very smooth kick off. Xbox Live is granting refunds for all media purchases that were not delivered today.

Xbox Live’s director of programming Larry Hryb has described the first hours of the downloading service as an “unpleasant experience” for members, but promised that Microsoft was working to resolve the issues. He said on his official Xbox blog, “We’ve made progress over the past 24-hours, and the team is dedicated to fixing the issues and continues to work as fast as they can around the clock to get the service running as seamlessly as you have come to expect.”

Myself, I attempted to download the pilot Jericho episode in HD and it trickled in at first and then just dropped, then for the rest of the day I wasn’t able to get to the downloads and then started up again.. which took 23 hrs (approx) to download 1.98 gigs. Needless to say, I was not that impressed, but those folks out there that do not have PVR’s will like the system.

Happy Bday Xbox 360

It was one year today that my XBOX 360 arrived at the door and I vanished from the real world for about 2 days.

To help kick off this new born:

Microsoft adds rentable (and purchasable) HD (and SD) movies (and TV shows) to Marketplace.

To ring in the one-year anniversary of the Xbox 360, Microsoft is pleased to offer you, your friends, and myself full-fledged TV shows and movies (some content cast in HD, the rest in SD) on Marketplace. The prices and purchasing options do vary depending on what the end-user wants to watch on his/her Box, so pay careful attention to the following price / size outline (p.s. – cash amounts are in USD):

Movies (Newer Releases; Rent Only)

  • Standard Definition (480p; HD not optional) | Price: 320 MS Points ($6) | Size: 1.0GB to 1.8GB
  • Standard Definition (480p; HD optional) | Price: 240 MS Points ($3) | Size: 1.0GB to 1.8GB
  • High Definition (720p) | Price: 480 MS Points ($6) | Size: 5GB+

Movies (Pre-2006; Rent Only)

  • Standard Definition (480p) | Price: 240 MS Points ($3) | Size: 1.0GB to 1.8GB

TV Shows (Purchasable)

  • Standard Definition (480p; HD optional & not optional) | Price: 160 MS Points ($2) | Size: 100MB to 600MB
  • High Definition | Price: 240 MS Points ($3) | Size: ~2GB

HD-DVD Outselling Blu-ray

Thus far in the format war, it seems that HD-DVD might be winning over Blu-ray. In a story from Home Media Retailing, the format that came to market first is outselling it’s competitor. This findings come from a report by “the North American HD DVD Promotional Group.”

It seems “consumers who bought one of the new Toshiba high-def disc players, which came on the market in April, have bought an average of 8.4 HD DVD discs each.” In August it seems that HD outsold Blu-ray by 3 to 1. In addition to these findings the research “projects that the average HD DVD household will own more than 28 HD DVDs after one year, about twice the buy rate of DVD at its peak.”

300 comic to screen comparison?

OK this gent’s interest in the film ‘300’ is border line “obsession”. He thought it might be interesting to see how closely Zack Snyder is sticking to the original comic books. Pretty damn closely it appears.

He totally stole this idea from filmrot, as they did the same thing when Sin City came out (look here) but well imitation is the highest form of flattery. Although 300 isn’t as close to the comic books as Sin City was it’s still interesting to see atleast that Snyder isn’t putting too much of his own ‘spin’ on things and is sticking to Frank Millers vision.

The image captures are from the best version of the trailer I could find, which still wasn’t very good. When the quicktime version of the trailer comes out i’ll update the comparison images (hopefully soon as the trailer is supposed to be playing before ‘The Departed’) So should be up tomorrow or atleast by the weekend (fingers crossed all round, If ever a trailer deserved a HD trailer it’s this one) via Solace in Cinema

Hulk Play!

After moving a Wurlitzer Juke box, about 9 long comic book boxes and a big box of record to storage today, I recieved a copy of The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction for the Xbox.

Just a ton of green fun, more fun than a boat load of gamma rays? This game features one of the better gameplay engines to be featured in a third-person action game. Extras such as unlockable concept art, making-of movies, and a move upgrade system keep me coming back for more really drived to you keep playing the game.

Accurate, stunning, real and if you have a HD tv, then you can see the Green Machin in 720p.

The credits have a nice list of heavy hitters, while the soundtrack is pretty gripping as well.

Open-ended, free-roaming gameplay promises hours of discovery without ever entering a mission. When you’re ready to hit the missions, you’ll have over thirty main missions and forty side missions from which to choose.

At the beginning of the game play, the cut sequences kept getting in the way.