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An Outlook (and I am not talking email)

I see the glass as more than half full. Yes, Internet stocks are taking a dive, but only because the market had factored high projected growth into their valuations. I have yet to hear one analyst predict a decline in Internet advertising, every single one of them is still predicting growth, and in double digits at that.

More money is going to be spent online, just not as much as some had previously predicted. If there’s growth in web advertising, there’s growth in revenue to blogs and those Web 2.0 companies that rely on advertising. That’s not bad news, that’s good news!

Businesses are going to have to realize that if they have a solid idea they equally have to have a solid plan to make money with their ideas. We can no longer just whip up a few pages of HTML, plaster it with some nice colors and big buttons and plan on living off of VC millions.

Sure there are some hard times ahead, I don’t deny that but one has to wonder just how much of it is because those empty promises of massive fortunes to be made along with typical human greed has come home to roost. We can all run around like chickens with our heads cut off and start talking about (or posting about) the impending doom?  Or we can stop the drama and give ourselves a good shake knowing that we will come out of this. The question is whether we will come out of it smarter or just to turn around and start doing the same of nonsense that got us here as before?

People need to stop the doom saying and step up to the plate and start using their personal soapboxes to help us through this trying time; and trust me it will try the best of us. That doesn’t mean though that we don’t have the ability and the power to change what comes next for the better. I just hope it won’t be another round of buzzword labels and powder puff businesses because that will only land us back in the same place a few years down the road.

Now, what happens in a storm? Some trees topple. Some stand tall.

But right now to try to smile and say everything is going great and you should be optimistic is wrong. Sorry, it’s wrong.

It’s time to take steps to make sure your businesses are strong and can withstand the storm. If they aren’t strong, it’s time to fix that and fix that fast.

As the storm passes over us in the next quarter (financial results are still to come, so there’s still a couple of bad quarters to come, particularly with consumer electronics companies and retailers as they get a full sense of how bad the Christmas buying season will be) we’ll certainly see winners and losers.

Free At Last!

It would seem, that some how.  Some ‘bad’ HTML code was getting in to my entries.  The end result, was that this blog was being blocked if you were using FireFox 3.0.

Last night, I went through the site with a pretty fine toothed comb, removed all the entries I could find and then submitted my site for review back to google.

The end result, is that the site is not longer blocked.

My DVD Watch Pile

Through my sabbatical from work, I have been doing some ‘major league’ dvd player feeding.

If you click on the above image, it should shoot you over to the flickr image and you will be able to hover your mouse and see what they are. If I understood more about HTML and image tags. I would have done it here.

Moving Day!!

The better part of this day was spent doing MYSQL this, MYSQL that, FTP all of this, check HTML that, FTP all of that, copy and paste this, but I think we are all done.

What moved? My little soap box (aka blog) moved from the Yahoo hosted blogging service to another site and all seems to be faster, snappier and just friendly as can be.

On call , Gaming, PHP and HTML

This week, I am on-call for work, which means I will most likely loose lots of sleep, I won’t eat correctly and I am going to be a grump.

I have been getting in some gaming though. I am almost done with Medal of Honor: Breakthrough which is a continuation of the original story. The models are looking better, but this one has too many snipers and they are getting in my way. What I really hate about these types of games is when you finally get a squad of men to help out, they all get caught in a fire fight and all get blown away. Or when you get into a jeep and you are manning a machine gun. You are taken out by a freakin plane with a bomb. DANG IT!!

Oh, I don’t get PHP, but I am trying

HTML – that is pretty easy… I mean, I do what I need to do to get what I need to do or until someone shows me a better way of doing it.