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Done messing around, still don’t know anything about HTML

This weekend, I spent most of my time trying to find ads that are within the theme of my sites. It wasn’t easy, there are a lot of ads out there, but I am starting to narrow in on them. So, I would like to apologize to any and all that might have been put off with the changes. The truth of the matter is that I need to just make enough to keep the sites up and running. I am trying to follow in the foot steps of some of the internet giants out there, but it is not easy as they are mush more savy than I am with this stuff.

By chance, if anyone has any suggestions or ideas. Please feel free to email me and let me know what I am doing wrong.

I am still working on my site, but I liked what Leo did with his gear, so I copied it. You should be able to see it on the right of the page here. I think my gear is better than his also. 🙂 Also, I don’t want you all to forget that I put up some forums, so please click your way over there and join in on the chatter.

Cleaning up Shop

This past couple of days I have been pretty busy cleaning up the old blog file folder. I pulled out images that didn’t belong to my personal blog and did a little bit of reorganization. I am no webmaster, but I think things ironed out.

I got a hold of a copy of w.bloggar it is pretty slick, and makes a lot of those HTML tasks easier as well.

I was also able to address a nasty little DNS issue that I had when it game to resolving to some local computers on my network.

Update I am still wrestling with the hacked Tivo, and with a little more work on it today. I am now using it again, and have access to all of the recording via a ethernet connection. Now, I just have to learn how to use the utilities out there to manipulate the raw files and start enjoying.

Features and more features

Just a little while ago, macshack and I got the posting via email to work. 🙂 It turns out, that it was working for the most part. It is eaither that I don’t know how to read documentation 🙁 or the documentation isn’t written all that well.

Also, it turns out that email that is HTML based, will cause problems. This I found out real quick, and even straight text based emails have goofy results as well. However, when I send an email from pine. They turn out just fine.

It would seem that when I use Outlook 2002 to send a text email, the line breaks are all in the wrong places. Most likely what is going to happen to fix this problem, is that I am going to ask macshack and he will know the answer right off. 😀