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Games and Spell Checking for FireFox

Ok.. COH will get a little less usage now that Doom3 is out. But, I am having a blast with my “Daredevil” look a like on Pinacle.

Doom3? How is it? Well.. click the link above and see what I think.

I am the worst writer, speller there is. That is why when I was using IE, I had IESpell to help me out. Now that I have switched over to Firefox. I needed a replacement solution and this is whenI found spellbound and so far am completely happy with it.

No more Norton or IE here..

I have removed Norton’s Anitvirus and am running with AVG anti-virus and due to all of the problems that Microsoft is having with IE. I have also stopped using IE for my browsing and have been using FireFox. By the way, they are both free and work pretty darn good too.

Browser Changes

Like some I have made my change from IE to Mozilla as my default browser. Microsoft may have won the browser war. They just didn’t do anything with it once the dust settled. Perhaps when Longhorn comes out in 2 years we will see some new technologies.

I also noticed that BoingBoing just celebrated it’s 10,000th link. WOW! I thought I was doing good as 1200 posts.

Today the Release Canidate 1 (RC1) of Feeddemon was released. This the my preferred rss news reader, simple, small food print on the hard drive and well supported.

For those of you keep track, I am up to issue 138 of Uncanny. It is also crazy what people are shelling out to get tickets of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy that is going to happen Novemeber 16th & 17th.

Hum Drum Day

Not much out there that is really news worthy. Just checked the GC game server and no one is playing NeverWinter Nights. No one is on either ICQ or Windows Messenger. No new emails. I downloaded the XP SP1 last night and installed it.

I made sure to shut everything down that was running in the backgroud. Double clicked the setup and waited. No errors, but I was a little nervous when it rebooted and just gave me an unpopulated desktop for about 15mins. Everything seems okie dokie for right now. The only new change that I have seen is the the ‘default’ IE download dialog. Other than that, I seem pretty good and stable.

Since I can’t find anything to do right now, I am going to log onto Earth and Beyond and see what is happening there. I don’t know if I really like this game yet, but it is a change of pace.