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Watch Dogs fix patch for PS/PC, full details


Ubisoft will released the first major Watch Dogs patch today, and has announced a full list of gameplay fixes that it will introduce.  PS3 and PS4 versions of the game will get the patch today, according to the post. The PC version will be patched “in the coming days”, while Xbox players will can expect their update “within the next week”.

A sequel 12 years in the making: Starcraft II

It is true, I bought this game from the retail store (had to back then, there was no Amazon) in 1998.  I in fact took the day off from work, as I knew I would really enjoy this game.  I did.

I liked it so much, that I got many of my friends hooked at the same time, formed LAN parties around the game and when they (Blizzard) released information about a squeal / add-on called that same year, oh.. we were all looking forward to sleepless nights.

Today – Starcraft II will is going to be released and it just isn’t going to be an updated game with the same units, it is a whole new game with new units and a great story.

In fact, those that might read this should check out the  Known Issues – Technical Support related list and a Current list of bugs on the StarCraft II Forums outlining issues with the game.

SDCC 2010 and me

Many times people have asked me, “Andy – will you be going?’”  For the last three years, I have replied – “Nope – as I would have to close up the shop”.

Have I ever been?  Yep, a couple of times and it was nerd-vana.  It had everything I had ever hoped for, well , I didn’t really want the long lines, but that goes with the territory.  Lots of great information, lots of great people, people in really great costumes and others in not so great costumes.

The convention was well worth the cost and it really does take about 2 days to take it all in.  I got to see some old pals that are were just starting out in the business and now were knee deep in it.  I got to talk to people that were so much more knowledge and well educated in many different areas of the ‘biz’ and then there were those “fans” that you hope you could get just down wind of.

Alas, it has changed since those days.  The “Comic Book” convention isn’t just that anymore, it is a media spectacle.  Having the media there is okay for the most part, after all, if it wasn’t for that media coverage (and the Internet) , those of us that didn’t go, wouldn’t be able to get updates on all of the juicy information and what not.

I am optimistic that in the future that I will be able to attend again.

Way of the Ninja…

GamersCircle . . . “COMICS

I suppose it goes with the times, I actually catch myself doing it to.  When I read something, I usually only read that I want to see.  This is a example of a phone call which took place today.

[insert your favorite ring tone here]

Me: GamersCircle Comics
Phone Call: Hi – can you tell me if you have Way of the Ninja 3 in stock?

Me: I am not familiar with that title.  Do you know who the publisher is?
Phone Call: I dunno, but I need it for my Playstation 3.

Me: That would explain why I don’t know that title.  We are a comic book store and we don’t sell video games, sorry.
Phone Call: Wha?  What is a comic book store?

Me: We sell comic books like Spider-Man, Batman, Superman and other titles like that.
Phone Call: Do you have any video games with Spider-Man, Batman or Superman?

Me: Sorry, but we don’t sell any video games, we mainly sell comic books, board games, card games and action figures.
Phone Call: Huh? What are board games?

Me: Board games are like Monopoly, Risk, Chutes and Ladders…
Phone Call: Do you know when you expect Way of the Ninja 3 in as a board game?

Me: I can’t speak to the fact whether there are plans to take that video game and turn it into a board game.
Phone Call:  I don’t understand, all I am trying to do is find out if you sell Way of the Ninja for the PS3!!!  Why do you even call your self a Video Game Store if you don’t stock popular games?!?!

Me:  Like I stated earlier, we are do not sell Video Games, we are a comic book store.  I am sure if you contact Dimple Records or Gamestop, they might be able to help you.
Phone Call:  Are you serious?

Me:  Sure – they sell video games and they most likely will have better information on what you are asking for.
Phone Call: Give me a straight Yes or no.  Do you have Way of the Ninja 3 in your store?

Me: No
Phone Call: <Click>

I understand that some people live in their own little world; that there are things/subject matters that some people are not familiar with at all, but there are those that are as sharp as a cue ball too.

Google Turns Voicemail Into E-mail

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Google is seeking to blur the line between the telephone and the computer even further with the introduction of Google Voice on Thursday.

The new service weaves traditional phone features with Google’s Gmail email product, allowing a person to store transcripts of voicemail phone messages in their email inbox and to find a specific nugget of information within a phone message as if trawling through a sea of emails.

The move comes as Google increasingly branches out from its stronghold in Internet search, as it seeks to carve out a role in everything from cell phones to personal productivity software.

And it demonstrates the company’s ability to fuse various technologies — home-grown and acquired — into new products, even as the economic recession puts the future of certain Google projects in question.

Google Voice is based on the technology of Grand Central Communications, a company that Google acquired in July 2007. After Grand Central remained silent for nearly two years under the Google flag, some observers wondered whether it had met the same fate as Dodgeball, a Google acquisition that was formally shut down this year.

Google Voice represents the first major update to Grand Central since the acquisition. Like the original Grand Central product, Google Voice offers consumers a single phone number that can route incoming calls to home, office and cell phones.

The new version uses speech-recognition technology that Google developed for its Goog-411 telephone directory service, automatically transcribing voicemails into text. The transcribed messages can be forwarded as an email or SMS text message to a person’s email inbox.

It is unclear how Google Voice will fit into Google’s business model, which relies on advertisers to provide 97 percent of the company’s revenue. The company has also ventured into the mobile software market, launching last year the Android mobile operating system.

Other than a feature that bills Google Voice users when they make long-distance phone calls, the product has no immediate means of generating revenue, said Craig Walker, group product manager for Real Time Communications at Google.

He said that Google Voice, which will be available to existing Grand Central users on Thursday and to the general public in the following weeks, provides another reason for people to spend more time on Google’s various online properties, which benefits the company.

Google also makes money from selling enterprise versions of its applications to corporations. But Walker said the current priority is to make Google Voice a success as a free consumer product.