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I got a new phone for the home

No E.T. puns please..

GN 9350

Pure wireless freedom.
Dual function.
Desk and IP telephony

The dual-function GN 9350 wireless headset provides high performance in both traditional and PC-based telephone environments. It provides all the benefits of hands-free mobility in a lightweight, ergonomic—and future-proof—design.

State-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology removes impurities from the incoming signal, enriches sound quality, and maintains a safe, consistent volume level. It is also the first wireless headset for IP telephony that features wideband audio (which at 6.8 kHz is more than twice that of conventional telephony!).

It also expands your communications potential with a wireless range of up to 300 feet and conference call capability.

Up to 300 feet of office mobility

Future-proof investment: single headset for traditional and PC phone calls

WiFi-friendly 1.9 GHz frequency with DECT 6.0 wireless technology

DSP and IntelliToneâ„¢ for superb sound quality and greater hearing protection

Noise-canceling microphone for reduced background noise

Digital encryption for secure conversations

LCD display for easy set-up of personal sound preferences

Lightweight design and three wearing styles: headband, earhook and neckband

Multi-unit conferencing capability

This is pretty much what the doctor ordered too. I am no longer tethered to a phone or have a headset hooked to a cordless phone.

BF2142 ‘Spyware’ Explained

This past week news that Battlefield 2142 would come with “spyware” that was supposedly going to rip machines apart for info to send back to the in-game advertising corporation, IGA. Well, as is the case with most e-dramas, the situation was totally blown out of proportion as the “spyware” only checks which country IPs originate from to serve region-specific adverts, and then in-game only reports whether players look at the adverts and for how long.

Specifically, IGA’s software uses the IP address for geotargeting of in-game ads (so that European ads are not shown to those in the U.S., for example). It also creates a unique user number that’s generated locally, and is able to re-identify the gamer when he next appears online.

In addition, IGA’s in-game ad solution does capture the time of day that the user started to play each gaming session – Townsend mentioned, as an example, that “if the brief says ‘Males 18 to 34′”, the ads may only be served between 6pm and 9pm on a weekday evening or similar, to replicate ‘primetime’ viewing.

The time that each ad impression takes place is also recorded by IGA, alongside what type of ad content it was (billboard, megaboard, or video stream), the duration (how long was the ad seen for), the size of the ad relative to the player, and the angle of deflection (what angle the ad is viewed at).

Editors Note: Personally I feel that the only people who have any right to bitch, are those who pre-ordered and weren’t informed that the IGA system was going to be in the game.

Battlefield 2142 might include tracking Spyware

In the latest CGW podcast, they received retail boxed copies of BF 2142.

When you open the box, a big slip of paper falls out first, preceeding any discs or manuals. The slip of paper says, essentially, that 2142 includes monitoring software which runs while your computer is online, and records “anonymous” information like your IP address, surfing habits (probably via cookie scans), and other “computing habits” in order to report this information back to ad companies and ad servers, which generates in-game ads.

Via ShackNews

Name Server recovering and Shopping

Alright! A four day weekend! My system admin got the name server resolved last night, and all 210 queued email messages started to flow. It wasn’t a server configuration or a broken network connection. It was all the fault of a local technician that brought out the new router and plugged his laptop into the router port. By doing this, he took the IP for the external interface and that prevented the name server from resolving.

It is all working now and we are going through the steps to have a backup and a backup to the backup in the event something goes south again.

I downloaded the Call of Duty Demo and played it. It was pretty good. I am pretty sure that I will be picking up this title whe it comes out.

I also went to Frys and picked up Black Hawk Down, SpaceBalls, Back to School and Babylon 5 Season 3.