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‘Guardians’ Tops Box Office for the 4th Time


In its sixth weekend of release James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy topped the box office for the fourth time, a feat that only The Dark Knight, Avatar, and The Hunger Games have been able to accomplish in the past decade.  However, it must be said that Guardians is accomplishing this feat against pretty weak competition—this weekend’s box office was down 25% from the same frame last year when Riddick opened with $19 million.  The weekend after Labor Day is traditionally one of the worst movie-going frames of the year, but the overall gross, estimated at $63.9 million is the worst for this weekend since 2000, and given ticket price inflation it means that Hollywood just had one of its worst weekends in a long, long time.

Guardians’ latest triumph was expected—the only new film to open this weekend, the Christian-themed The Identical, bowed at #11—but it still reinforces the magnitude of the achievement by Marvel Studios in launching a new franchise that is not only successful, but the #1 film of the summer.  Guardians is shedding theaters now (down 241 this weekend), but it still managed the best per-screen average (#3,154) of any film on over 100 screens.  Guardians, which dropped 40%, but still earned $10.2 million over the weekend, is the #1 film of the year in North America so far with $294.6 million, and will be over the $300 million mark by this time next week.  Guardians has now earned more than Man of Steel ($291 million), making it the highest grossing domestic superhero film ever that didn’t feature Iron Man, Spider-Man, or Batman.  The Hunger Games Mockingjay, Part I will quite possibly earn more here in the domestic market, but for a new franchise, Guardians’ performance has been simply brilliant. 

Here’s almost every Easter egg from Marvel’s first eight films


None of Marvel Studios’ films are entirely original. That isn’t a criticism: the storyline and characters are adapted from years of comic books, films, TV shows, etc. Each film embraces the past with an insane number of Easter eggs that acknowledges both the source material and the other films in the wholly-interconnected Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a 13-minute montage, MTV breaks down all the Easter eggs from 2008’s Iron Man through 2013’s Thor: The Dark World— meaning no Captain America: The Winter Soldier, no Guardians of the Galaxy, and nothing from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD television show. Is it complete? “Absolutely not,” say someone who knows comic books way better than us. But we still enjoyed watching.

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And if you want to skip ahead to your favorite:

  • 0:14 – Iron Man
  • 2:03 – The Incredible Hulk
  • 4:16 – Iron Man 2
  • 5:42 – Thor
  • 6:47 – Captain America: The First Avenger
  • 8:09 – The Avengers
  • 9:43 – Iron Man 3
  • 10:50 – Thor: The Dark World

Here’s What ‘The Avengers’ Sequel Is All About

After “Thor 2,” “Iron Man 3,” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” our superheroes are pretty much in retirement mode.

Thor has given up his right as the leader of Asgard, Captain America has gone off in a search of his friend Bucky, and Tony Stark rid of all his Iron Man suits.

According to EW, the Avengers team now wants someone — or something — else to take the lead when it comes to fighting off villains.

Enter Ultron, a drone that was originally built by Hank Pym (the original Ant-Man) in the comics back in 1968. This time; however, he’ll be built by Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) as a means of protection gone awry.



From EW:

“The ‘Avengers’ sequel begins with Stark’s latest plan to fix the world: Ultron will be an all-seeing, all-knowing captain of the Iron Legion, a planetary force of robotic beat cops that resemble blue-and-white versions of the Iron Man suit but have no human core … If it all works out, the superheroes can just sit back. It does not work out.

“In a bid to give his creation a dose of humanity, Stark programs Ultron (James Spader) with elements of his own personality—which proves to be Mistake No. 1 … It seems our new robot overlord is an absolutist with all of Stark’s cynicism but none of his kindness.”

As you could imagine, eventually, Ultron will go rogue and announce a plan to “bring peace” to Earth by ridding of the entire human race.

How J.A.R.V.I.S., who has been voiced by Paul Bettany up until this point, will appear in the film:


Bettany, who has been voicing Stark’s A.I. system J.A.R.V.I.S. up until this point on screen, will finally appear in human form in the “Avengers” sequel.

However, Bettany was cast as The Vision, described by EW as a “synthetic, superpowered human designed by Ultron.”

What does this mean for Jarvis? Fans can probably put two and two together and imagine that J.A.R.V.I.S. will be transformed into The Vision.

It is thought that: We’re thinking Ultron will manipulate the A.I. system into working against the Avengers team by offering him the gift of life — something Stark didn’t do for his beloved J.A.R.V.I.S. (Vision is used in a similar way in the comics.)



Shane Black to Write and Direct Predator Reboot!


The Hollywood Reporter today brings word that Iron Man 3 and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’s Shane Black will write and direct a Predator reboot for 20th Century Fox!

According to the trade, Black is directing and writing the treatment for the film, which will then be scripted in full by Fred Dekker (with whom Black worked on Monster Squad).

Black has had a long history with the Predator franchise, having cameoed in the 1987 original. Directed by John McTiernan, Predator starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as the leader of a United States special forces team that comes under attack from an alien entity that prizes the thrill of the hunt above all else. It was followed by a direct sequel, Predator 2, in 1990 before crossing over with Fox’s Alien franchise for two additional sequels, Alien vs. Predator and AvP: Requiem. In 2010, Nimrod Antal helmed a reboot with a new feature, Predators.

There’s no word on the extent to which the new film will tie into the existing franchise, nor is there any confirmation as to when this reboot might fit into Black’s schedule. He’s planning to shoot The Nice Guys from his own original screenplay as early as this fall and remains attached to Columbia Pictures’ Doc Savage. Check back for further details as they become available.


Bruce Lee versus Iron Man

Go Tony go!