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Summer Flicks

Last night Geoff and I went to see the Wolverine movie.  This was a good flick, humor, action, cameos up the Wahoo.

I have been buying and reading comics since I was about 14, loved the Uncanny X-men and yes Wolverine was the one that I was usually pulling for. (it was a toss between wolverine and colossus sometimes)

I remember reading somewhere that a Marvel executive said that from Iron Man and going forward, that the movie will be more of the “Ultimate” time-line that the classic as there was many liberties taken in the “origin”.  (from what I remember anyways)

Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, but would this movie be the movie that makes me run out and get a Blu Ray player?  I think the 2009 block buster is going to be Star Trek and yes, this movie would be the one that gets me to buy a Blu Ray player.

Iron Man 2 – Started filing today


Very cool!

Christmas 2008 – quesadillea

Not only was it another great holiday, it was a relaxing day too.  There was no people coming over and we didn’t have to get all dolled up and go from place to place and share our merry cheer.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind spending it with family or friends, but I am a simple person and when I get a chance to just hang out at home, that is just so cool.

We had a simple, yet filling brunch, which was not your typical Christmas meal.  We had “Finger Food”!  Yeah!!  There was egg rolls, potato skins, onion rings and quesadillas.  There was a ton of home made cookies, raspberry rolls and short bread yummies to last me a couple of weeks.

We watched this and this and I was very comfortable too:

That is right!  Santa brought me an Iron Man blanket.

Iron Man The End – Good Read

The movie rocked, but there really hasn’t been a great story in comic book form that has come out yet, until this one.

Tony Stark is an older man. He is in his late seventies and it would seem that the damage to his nervous system has finally caught up with him.  Tony has trouble keeping a steady hand and at times can thinking clearly and quickly enough either.

Tony is looking for the next generation of Iron Man because he just can’t do it any more.  It would seem that Tony has come to terms with being old and deciding how and who should carry on the Iron Man legacy.  It’s an exploration of Stark and his triumphs as well as his demons.

It was good to see Layton back on an Iron Man story.



Do you notice any similarities?

Tony Stark’s Dad Called Me Today.

If you know me, then you know that my favorite comic book super is Iron Man. (I said so yesterday) and I have some nice statues and action figures to strut as well:

DSC00194 Fw: DSC00174


So, today at the shop.  While I was bagging, pricing and boarding comics.  The phone rang (it happens) but, I was awe struck (a little) to see who was calling: