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PC Gaming Market Holds Lead Over Consoles

The PC Gaming Hardware Market, which consists of personal computers, upgrades, and peripherals used for gaming, is strong and healthy amongst the backdrop of general declines in the PC market.

Ted Pollak, Senior Gaming Analyst at JR notes that the $21.5 billion market is over twice the size of the console gaming hardware market. “We continue to see a shift in casual console customers moving to mobile. While this is also occurring in the lower end PC gaming world, more money is being directed to mid and high range PC builds and upgrades by gamers. Committed PC gamers are generally not interested in pure content consumption platforms. They are power users and pay thousands for the ability to play games at very high settings and then do business, video/photo editing, content creation and other tasks with maximum horsepower at their disposal in a desktop ergonomic environment.”

Gaming has become one of the cornerstones of the entire home and personal PC market. As major companies evaluate their marketing and R&D budgets, JPR is seeing more investment in gaming oriented designs, and more money spent advertising to this group of consumers.

Jon Peddie, president of JPR, notes that “Nvidia, Intel, and AMD have enthusiast CPUs and GPUs that are so powerful, when combined with SSD’s and fast memory they absolutely trounce the computing power and gaming capabilities of the newest console generation. Being able to drive 3840 × 2160 (4K) at acceptable frame rates is already a reality for the highest end configurations and the mass market is now able to push 2560 × 1440. PC Gamers with good displays are able to enjoy millions and millions of pixels more than console gamers get on HDTVs. This translates into being able to see more and a better gaming experience”



The PC Gaming Hardware Market is very diverse amongst its different segments. The high end Enthusiast segment is very performance and style oriented much like sports car owners. While the low end just wants to play games on something and this is why the segment is under threat from cheaper gaming solutions.
The report contains the following content:

  • After-Market AIB: Discussion and estimates of after-market graphics cards sales as upgrades and for home builds
  • System Configured PCs: Discussion and estimates of PC sales influenced by gaming from companies that either sell pre-configured or custom configured builds. Estimates are broken into notebooks and desktop segments.
  • Accessories and DIY: Discussion and estimates of accessory sales and the Do-It-Yourself builds
  • Charts, graphics, tables and more. Included with this report is an Excel workbook. It contains the data we used to create the charts in this report. The workbook has the charts and supplemental information broken out by platform.

Pricing and Availability
The Worldwide PC Gaming Hardware Market report series by Jon Peddie Research which covers 33 countries, notebooks, desktops, DIY, and accessories, comes in three versions: Enthusiast, Performance, and Mainstream, with each version selling for $7,500 and the set of three for $15,000. In addition, with the set is a summary report of the Total PC Gaming Hardware Market worldwide.


Dawn of the Dead in 2008?

Not that I hope that something that horrible will happen.  However; Tone and JR and I will be attempting to survive the zombie horde on 11/22/2008 on our Xbox 360’s and playing Left 4 Dead.


They (walking corpses) did not stand a chance, just take a look at the Left 4 Dead Achievements, that I wracked up.

Brain Salad Make 100 headshot kills. 15 Acquired 11/22/2008

Hunter Punter Shove a Hunter off of a pinned and helpless Survivor. 10 Acquired 11/22/2008

Dead Stop Punch a Hunter as he is pouncing. 10 Acquired 11/22/2008

Mercy Killer Survive the No Mercy campaign. 15 Acquired 11/22/2008

Gaming last weekend

I hooked up with my friend JR and Ross this weekend. JR and I went a couple of rounds in BF2142 (the demo), played mainly a TITAN map and it was a hoot!

Ross and I took on Gerry in Company of Heroes, the first battle didn’t go very well as it was 3 axis vs us.  The next game was the same map, but 2 vs 2 and it was a little touch and go, but one we got the AT’s and gun nests up, we were on the offensive using our bombers and artillery to keep them from pumping out the tanks!

Jealous Xbox 360?

I got back yesterday from my trip to visit my friend JR and his family. (more on that later)

One of the items that I sprung on the family was a brand new Xbox 360 system. After watching Jr get it all hooked up, (which btw was enjoyable, see.. he needs glasses to see the small stuff now) I gave a slight demo of some of its basic features for the rest of that day.

The next day we all loaded up in Darth and headed to the local Best Buy. While there, I snagged the wireless network adapter so that I could show them Xbox Live and get them all started in that arena too. (a slight adjustment to the MTU on the linksys router was needed)

Needless to say, the new console system was a big hit. The whole darn family was just getting a kick out of the downloadable demos from the Arcade section, not to mention being able to stream pictures and mp3’s too along with a ton of other stuff.

Myself I picked up Oblivion since there has been a lot of jibber jabber about this game and since I don’t have an RPG on the 360, I bought it. I recovered my XBOX Live game tag on their console and started playing. (no issues)

When I got home, I thought I would pick up where I left off and while in the middle of re-recovering my GameTag I was greeted with some some crazy graphics and the above image. I quickly got on the phone to Microsoft and it will take a couple of weeks to get the refurbished one here.

The only thing that I can figure is that my machine was pissed off since I played on another machine, Microsoft had no comment when I called their ‘support’ line.

What do I want to give thanks for?

Having a great childhood – Thanks Mom!

Having about the best bunch of friends that anyone could ask for – Thanks Jackie, JR, Toneman, Rob, Ross, Rich, Mike, & Gwen.

Having the best System Admin for my hosted sites – Thanks MMSHosting.com

Happy Thanksgiving all