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Dawn of the Dead – 10 Mins….

Me and a couple of my friends JR and Toneman, just had a interesting phone call about this. We think that the original rumors that this movie was going to be released a PG-13 have got to be wrong, in fact upon double checking its rating at Fandango only to see that it is rated “R“, none the less, I am looking forward to this.

I Have Arrived

So,… tons and tons and driving, and now I am at JR’s house filling in some blanks on my blog here to show them how I post entries to my BLOG

That is it for now, as my eyes are blurry and there is about 1 million people watching me.


My friend JR, (whom I have known for like 25 yeas) Has this talent for painting miniatures, it requires a steady hand, patience, and the freakin’ ability to know what color goes with what. 😀 Me? I barely get a ?paint by numbers kit? to look right. 🙁 Take a gander; I am sure he would appreciate any feedback you have.