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A Thunderous New Era Begins – Your First Look at THOR #1!


It’s the story that has been seen the world over, and today Marvel is proud to present your very first look inside THOR #1, the new series from New York Times-bestselling writer Jason Aaron (Original Sin, Thor: God of Thunder) and rising star artist Russell Dauterman (Cyclops)! Prepare for an all-new era of the God of Thunder as a brand new female hero explodes into the Marvel Universe!

The great hammer Mjölnir lies on the surface of the moon, unable to be lifted by anyone in all the heavens – even the Mighty Thor! Something dark has befallen the Thunder God, leaving him unworthy and unable to lift his magic hammer. With an army of Frost Giants invading Earth, the Odinson may not have the strength to stop them – and the hammer will be lifted by an all-new Thor! A mysterious woman unlike any Thor we’ve ever seen before!

“This is not She-Thor. This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is Thor. This is the Thor of the Marvel Universe. But it’s unlike any Thor we’ve ever seen before,” says writer Jason Aaron.

Launching as part of the Avengers NOW! initiative, Thor is the first of an exciting wave of titles that push the Marvel Universe forward in exciting new directions! Prepare for a Marvel Universe like you’ve never seen it before as the biggest creators in the industry bring you bold new stories featuring the most popular characters!

Who is this mysterious new God of Thunder? Not even Odin knows! No fan can afford to miss the comic that has everyone talking. Prepare for a senses-shattering new beginning as the all-new Thor thunders her way through the Marvel Universe this October in THOR #1!

Comic Book Pull List: 9/23/2007

Today on my pull list is:

Amazing Spider-Man #606 – Look out, Spider-Man! Hot on the heels of his old girlfriend’s trip home, The Black Cat’s back (and front!), sexier and more dangerous than ever! The deck is STACKED as the one woman that loves Spider-Man more than Peter Parker is up to some devilish shenanigans…and nothing bugs Spider-Man more than shenanigans!

Detective Comics #857 – Batwoman faces off against Alice in an attempt to stop the villainess from unleashing a toxic death cloud over all of Gotham! But Alice has more up her sleeve than just poison, and Batwoman’s life will never ever be the same again.

Fantastic Four #571 – Reed continues his quest to right all wrongs while Ben and Johnny prepare for a trip to Nu-Earth. Val figures out what her dad is up to and Sue wants to know "is that an ultimate nullifier in your pocket?" All that and a world-eater before breakfast! Part two of SOLVE EVERYTHING.

Incredible Hulk #602 – X marks the spot as the most insane father and son duo in the Marvel Universe take on one of the Green Goliath’s most formidable adversaries. That’s right, it’s the JUGGERNAUT, bi–bi–boys and girls! What happens when an unstoppable force meets the Old Power and the gamma-fueled genes of the Strongest One There Is? Massive destruction and emotional revelation, that’s what! Continuing the acclaimed writer Greg Pak’s return to the "Incredible Hulk,”plus, in the "Savage She-Hulk" backup story written by Fred Van Lente, Lyra takes on the all-new Gamma Corps Black!

Invincible #66 – After escaping from a Viltrumite Prison, Nolan Grayson and Allen the Alien must use what they’ve learned to gather the powers of the universe and unite them against the Viltumites. It all starts here, folks: The Viltrumite War looms large on the horizon!

Justice League of America #37 – It’s the epic finale of the 3-part Royal Flush arc as Roulette and Amos Fortune raise the stakes, and the JLA go all in! But with the odds against them, the team had better pray for a last-minute miracle before their chips are cashed in for good.

New Avengers #57 – It was bound to happen and now it has. The Hood loses his grip on the colorful criminals that make his empire. It’s a super-villain turf war and guess who is stuck in the middle? That’s right… the powerless New Avengers. Not to mention the powerless Dark Avengers (who guest star, btw.) Who will replace the Hood as kingpin of criminals??

Spider-Woman #1 – The gorgeous and mysterious Jessica Drew reenters a society she did not make…as an AGENT OF S.W.O.R.D. This brand new series is a perfect companion to the dazzling Spider-Woman motion comic. Containing new story and artwork not available in any other format. This is the start of a major chapter in one of the most high profile characters in all of Marvel Comics.

Star Trek Spock Reflections #3 – Ambassador Spock’s mysterious journey continues! As Spock makes his way toward Earth, he thinks back on another previously untold tale from his past, this time featuring James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy and the crew of the original U.S.S. Enterprise!

Superman Batman #64 – Batman makes a shocking discovery with possible Kryptonian origins that places the duo in certain doom – unless Superman makes the ultimate sacrifice

Marvel Announces Secret Invasion #8 Ship Date Change

Marvel would like to announce that the hotly anticipated, extra-sized Secret Invasion #8 will now arrive in stores on December 3rd, 2008. The top-selling comic book event of 2008, by award winning scribe Brian Michael Bendis and superstar artist Leinil Yu, concludes with this final issue that redefines the Marvel Universe and begins Dark Reign!

“The additional pages in #8 did both Leinil and the schedule in,” explained Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. “Anybody who pored over the artwork from #7 a week ago can easily see how he and Mark Morales have been putting their all (and then some) into every page and every panel, and that effort has finally caught up with us. Hopefully, retailers and fans will forgive us these extra two weeks as we make sure that everything is in the shape it should be in for the extra-sized climax—and from there, it’ll be smooth sailing straight into DARK REIGN.”

David Gabriel, Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Sales, added, “In speaking with retailers, Marvel decided it was more important to preserve the creative integrity of the series, rather than rush out the final issue. This not only creates a stronger product for our loyal readers, but also for our retailer partners, whose support helped make Secret Invasion a huge success.”

Vegas Day 2 – Pt 2

Brian Bendis was the special, surprise guest during Marvel Comics’ presentation at Diamond Comics Distributors’ retailer summit in Las Vegas Nevada Monday evening. After thanking retailers for the success of this summer’s Secret Invasion, Bendis announced the Marvel event that follows that storyline will be called Dark Reign, which will focus on the "after effects" of Secret Invasion, and will include several Marvel Universe titles that will feature "Dark Reign" trade dress.

More specifically Bendis went on to say the post-Invasion Marvel Universe will feature a complete change in his Avengers family of titles, including Bendis leaving Mighty Avengers with issue #20 and the launch of a new title Dark Avengers, with art by Mike Deodato.

The fan-favorite but sometimes controversial creator told the retailer audience that if they thought Internet readers have been mad at him before that they should watch out for the post-Invasion fallout as he expects "loads of sh*t" to head his way.

His Spider-Woman series with artist Alex Maleev is also still in the works, and the creators duo plan a long run on the title.

Bendis went on to apologize for the lateness of his ICON series Powers, and spoke briefly about the deal for a TV show adaptation that he would help write and that should be officially announced soon.

Among the other Marvel projects announced…

Ultimate Avengers by Mark Millar, scheduled for an early Marvel 2009 debut. Fans that have been around for a few years may recall that very early on in the development of the Ultimate Universe, the title that would become The Ultimates was originally referred to as "Ultimate Avengers".

The Amazing Spider-Man #600 creative team was not announced, but promo art shown to retailers apparently featured an image of the "classic" Mary Jane with Peter Parker and a caption asking what "really" happened at Spider-Man’s wedding.
Marvel Noir is an upcoming new line that explains those four b&w teaser images the publisher has released over the last few months. The line will apparently launch with a title featuring the X-Men, with Spider-Man and then other characters/properties to follow.

This report was filed in Newsarama, I think there was a spy there. <grin>

Excitement Is Building Around All Secret Invasion Tie-Ins!

The comic book event of year continues as fans, retailers and critics agree—Secret Invasion is a smash hit! Secret Invasion has everyone asking “Who Do You Trust?” as the fate of the Marvel Universe may be in the hand from the intergalactic threat known as the Skrulls. In order to fully understand the Skrulls’ plan and how our heroes are working to stop them at all costs, these tie-ins give you the full scope on just how serious and dangerous the Skrulls really are! 

Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers #1 starts us right in the middle of the Skrull’s armada arrival to Earth. How will both teams react with a Skrull on each? These two teen teams have to do what they can to push the Skrulls back, but can they trust their Skrull teammates?



Mighty Avengers #15 takes a trip back to the past around the time of Avengers Disassembled and reveals a major hero as a Skrull impostor. Find out just how long a certain hero was out of the picture and had a charlatan in his place.



New Avengers #42 also takes us back to the formation of the New Avengers and reveals just who was behind the breakout that brought the new team together. Make sure to check this out as the true start of the Secret Invasion started here.



Avengers: The Initiative # 14 spotlights how the Invasion has affected the Initiative and how much potential damage can be dealt by possibly having a Skrull in every state. With a special ex-Avenger Delroy Garret assuming the mantle of the greatest Skrull-Hunter Earth has seen, the Skrulls couldn’t possibly stand a chance. Right? 



Ms. Marvel #28, featuring a not so happy Carol Danvers, drops us right in the middle of Manhattan as the Skrulls begin to spread and destroy. Having battled the new-age Super-Skrulls, and potentially losing someone she cared deeply for, Ms. Marvel has her sights set on anyone with green skin and is ready to hand out the bruises.



Now that the Invasion is underway and the world’s greatest heroes face impossible odds, have the Skrulls already won? Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Secret Invasion and all tie-ins, as they continue to sell out quickly at Diamond. The Skrulls are here…and Who Do You Trust?