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Whedon’s return to ASTONISHING X-MEN

Joss Whedon, the father of things like BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, ANGEL, and FIREFLY has been writing THE ASTONISHING X-MEN for the last few years. This new issue GIANT SIZED ASTONISHING X-MEN Issue #1 marks the end of Whedon’s run on the series in a double-sized issue that promised "someone will die."

The sporadic nature of the release of the issues of this series seriously debilitated the build-up to this finale. The hype surrounding Whedon’s last issue only lent itself to the let-down I got when I finished read the book.

The last few issues of this series took the X-men team into space to visit the planet of their new nemesis Ord, a world that lives in fear of Colossus coming to kill their entire world. In retaliation they launch a gigantic planet killing missile towards Earth. The X-men are busy battling on Ord’s home world, and Kitty Pryde phases herself into the missile to try and stop it from destroying Earth.

Ord actually tries to help Colossus and dies in the process which is kind of an interesting switch from where he started at the beginning of the series, and some of the other less than friendly to the X-Men join in on the side of right when the chips are down.

This issue guest stars most of the stars of the Marvel Universe as they try to figure out how to stop the giant missile hurtling through space towards Earth. While it is fun to see Whedon write a lot of the other characters, it seems like a typical cheap comic book ploy to get people to shell out five bucks for a book they normally wouldn’t pick up.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Review

I picked up this game just about 8 days ago and today I completed the story line and came home the iron clad hero that I started off with.

This is a well-made and accessible action RPG game and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance really goes a good job at emerging you into the Marvel Universe, an incredible feat considering the breadth of the source material. I am sure that we can look forward to another issue of this game as there is just enough holes and not all of the bad guys were apprehended. This is simply a must-have for Marvel fans, though the action itself remains satisfying enough for those in search of a good dungeon crawler to enjoy.

Comics for the last couple of weeks – Part 1

The last couple of weeks have been nuts for me, but with luck I will be able to get back on track; however I did have time to read some funnies:

Marvel Team-Up #20 – Captain America is thrust into a fight for his life at the hands of AIM. Meanwhile an all-new hero is introduced into the Marvel Universe, but is the world ready for FREEDOM RING? And what does all this have to do with a reality-altering ring crafted from broken shards of the cosmic cube?

Y The Last Man #45 – Do not miss this issue, the group has finally tracked down Ampersand (the monkey), but he’s not going to be easy to get. You just might say it would be damn near impossible mission (plug for MI:III) to get him from where he’s at. But 355 and their new ally (some chick that makes robots that make women happy) whom calls herself ‘You’ [me?], gone something going on in the form of a plan.

Astonishing X-Men #14 – What the hell was Whedon thinking? If I wanted to see a soap opera, I would have Tivo’d “Days of our Lives”; Astonishing X-Men #14 is also an issue about relationships. We are witness to the delayed blossoming of the love between Kitty and Piotr (which leads to several amusing scenes) and the clandestine organization known as S.W.O.R.D. finally has a face to their enemy. But at it’s core, this issue is an exploration of who Cyclops really is. To most, Cyclops is just some stuck-up loser who is nothing without his team and now, we find out why he’s like that; we find out that who he is was the result of a choice he had to make — It’s not always easy and it’s not what he really wants for himself but he’s sticking by it, which actually makes me respect the guy more.

New Avengers Ann. #1 – The Avengers Tower becomes the ultimate battleground as the New Avengers are targeted by one of their most fiercest new enemies yet. The all new ADAPTOID has come to take them down… and wait till you see who it is, hey not to mention – An avenger gets married too!!!

Invincible #31 – Mark talks his mom into baby sitting his new brother… and more…