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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

This was a great game and I am glad that #2 is going to be here towards the end of 2009, but I though that the story line was suppose to be Marvel Zombies?  Civil War is pretty good, but I see “Hulk” and he wasn’t around for the actual war.

I switched again..

I thought that I would become a crack berry addict like most, but it just didn’t happen for me.  According to some, (mainly the AT&T people at the AT&T store) they claim that I am down grading.  Phftt!

I am going from

Blackberry Bold 9000 Sony Ericsson W760a

It took me 2 days to find a site that had any themes for it and when I finally did, I didn’t like half of them, but I finally got one that was ‘ok’.  Inside of 1 hour, I found  Marvel Zombies theme, the Kill Bill Nurse Whistle ring tone and other for the Sony.  So…

Suydam Does DC Zombies?

The latest issue of Wizard magazine (#189, on sale today) has a look back at all the killer covers for the various Marvel Zombies books, plus this bonus zombie-fied DCU image. Suydam, who provides running commentary for each cover, says: “The apple in Supergirl’s mouth just seemed right. It was like, ‘Come and get it, dinner’s served!’ and all the characters are just standing there waiting.”

I am all caught up

Wow! One would think that a stack of comic books, trade paperbacks and magazines would take so long!

The whole Marvel Civil War has wrapped up with Iron Man as the winner. (I guess) Tony Stark is also the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D on top of that.

Walked Dead #37 has a little twist to it. I have no idea what is going on with She-Hulk, but the art is horrible and the stories are like someone was in a rush.

The store arc for 52 is almost done, wow that Black Adam went nuts and killed millions, but thanks to Captain Marvel. Black Adam is no longer able to use his magic work to become the bad man he was and you can catch what took place in DC’ World War III.

I actually think that the 52 has been a better story line that Civil War, but I am getting a kick out of the Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness.

The making of the perfect relationship….

I am not talking about one of those gooshy thing, but when Army of Darkness meets Marvel Zombies

Issue #2 will be out April 4th 2007… get them while they are hot.