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Age of Conan: 2 day Impressions

Funcom’s newest massively multiplayer online role-playing game has made a pretty good first impression on me.  The character creation scene is cool and dramatic.  I will not try to give anything way, but your character starts in a slave ship.

It’s an appropriate introduction to the start of this game, and it sets the stage for the initial questing, which starts you on a beach after what happens to your slave ship once you create your character.

I again have to say that I am impressed (last MMO what I was this impressed with was City of Heroes) by what I have played of Age of Conan, but there is a ton more to see and I am sure that I will run into parts of the game that I am going to hate and other parts that I will just love.

Why is my Arse is sore lately?

I got the above game about 2 days ago and I’d have to say that AoC (Age of Conan) is the type of game that any mature MMO player should try. You can try it free for 7 days from a friend’s buddy code, once they go active.

Funcom has taken the world’s most generic fantasy setting and created a very compelling game around it.

NCsoft Profits Fall 43 Percent On Blackstar Costs [NCsoft Results]

NCsoft reported a 43 percent year-over year drop in profits to $7.7 million, a decrease was due to a write-off expense for costs associated with The Blackstar Chronicles.

The futuristic MMO, in development by Spacetime Studios, was ultimately dropped from NCsoft’s lineup, and Spacetime will be pursuing the project on its own.

If not for the write-off, NCsoft stood to gain in profit 48 percent on the quarter and 8 percent on the year. The publisher’s sales increased 4 percent to $84.3 million on the popularity of the Lineage series in Asia and strong performance for Guild Wars and City of Heroes in North America and Europe.

In particular, NCsoft said its first quarter brought all-time record sales for Lineage II, which launched in 2003 and continues to be the company’s top-selling title with 35 percent of the publisher’s total sales.

NCsoft’s U.S. sales reached $10.4 million in North America and $8.5 million in Europe, and $9.2 million in Japan, numbers dwarfed by its $47.7 million performance in Korea, which accounts for 57 percent of the publisher’s total sales.

NCsoft announces new MMO ‘starter packs

NCsoft has announced the release of "starter packs" – a new range of retail products for its major MMO franchise titles, including City of Heroes, City of Villains, Guild Wars and Lineage II.

These "starter packs" will be sold at retailers for GBP 1.99 and will provide a game and a two week subscription intended as an introduction to MMORPGs. Consumers who decide they want the full game can then return to the retailer and purchase the whole product.

"In an ever increasingly digitally orientated retail environment, encouraging players to return to retail is a win-win for both outlet and publisher."

A "starter pack" will also be released for Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa later this year.

Top to Bottom…

This past weekend had its ups and downs for me –

I finally got caught up with about 95% of my comic book reading. At the top of the charts would have to be DC’s 52. At first I was picking this up so that I can get up to speed on some of the DC people as I mainly was a Marvel-ite. Wow!!

As a gamer, this weeks episode of The Simpsons: Marge Gamer was when Marge discovers the Internet and gets hooked on an online MMO. This was not as funny as the South Park WOW paraody, but it was still pretty good.

Things are starting to heat up with Stargate SG-1 and most may be sad to see the series go, but it only means that the movies are around the corner. (Score!)

It has been a very long time, but I got to sink my teeth into Liverwurst sandwhich this past couple of days. Yes, I know most of you out there might just run for the closest bathroom to hurl, but I gew up on this stuff and man was it goo.

I really got peeved when I was chowing down on a corn dog and Mustard decided to finds it way onto my white t-shirt. Dang it!!