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How many versions of Star Wars DVD does there need to be?

There are reports that a 6-disc box set is currently in the works to coincide with the 30th Anniversary of the original Star Wars movie hitting theaters. These same reports claim that there will be more tinkering, including replacing the puppet Yoda in Episode I with CG, plus a ton more.

200th Episdoe of Stargate SG-1

From what I have read, it would seem that this episode (8/18/2006) will paraody:

Star Trek, Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, Thunderbirds (yes, little puppets) and…. Zombies!!

GamersCircle eBay Auctions are Live again…

We are totally (totally?) out of control..

This time we have over 150 items up there –

DC Action Figures, Halo 2 Action Figures & the newly released Halo Graphic Novel, Marvel , DC and some Independent Comics along with Star Trek, and  Star Wars action figures….

Wait… plus we are adding about 20 new items a day, We have just gone nuts!!

Huge GamersCircle eBay listing going on

That is correct, there is over 100 items listed out there ranging from comic books to actions figures:

In the Halo 2 category:

Halo 2 Micro Series
Halo 2 Series 6
Halo 2 Series 7 and Halo 2 Series 3

For those nostalgic TV folk we got Battlestar Galactica.

Along with a whole slew of Star Wars action figures and die cast, Hard Hero statues and much more.

Click the above eBay image for all of the GamersCircle eBay auctions.

Happy Birthday, Star Wars!

Can you believe it’s been almost thirty years since Star Wars first hit the silver screen? I’ll bet there are a few of you out there who DON’T want to be reminded of this, but hey if you remember then you are not that far gone yet.

This was before you could buy advanced tickets, fandango and the Internet.