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UPS Woes and Comic Book shipments

Last week’ comic book shipment arrived on New Comic Book day vs the day before as a result of residual lag from the holidays. [This is what I was told]  This week’ shipment is also being delayed by UPS due to, “incorrectly sorted the package at our facility. This may cause at least one business day delay.”

I am sorry about this, but as soon as the shipment arrives, I sort through it as quickly and as accurately as possible.


GamersCircle Comics goes Dark

No, not what you are thinking.  We have a power outage today 6/26/2009.  Yes, I got a little stressed out, but not that we were not prepared for it.

The APC battery backup kicked in and everything thing that I need to ‘keep the business’ running was on. (phone, dsl modem, router and phone)

However; the problem that we ran into was that the UPS, was about 6 years old and the battery only lasted about an hour.  So, I had to zip home and get a newer more up to date one that I have plugged into my gaming rig.

The power is up now and I will soon be getting a more up to date UPS for the shop.  Something that might be able to hold a 2-3 hour charge.

The future has Arrived!

Mr. UPS dropped it off at around 8pm…

The game tag is gamerscircle

UPS today… saved computer tomorrow.

Can a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) save you from getting a heart attack! I would answer, “YES” so that.. All this week, we are getting a lot of rain, wind .. you know.. a series of storm cells that will be pounding the area.

Last night there was a flicker that caused the UPS to start chirpping like they were singing in a choir, but everything was cool! Or so I thought, as it wasn’t until I tried to remote connect to my media center computer when I got an error message. Sure enough, I looked over and saw that the power wasn’t on and that would pretty much explain it. The plot thickens as the computer would not power up at all (CRAP!!)

I zipped down the road to my storage unit and took apart a spare computer (my grave yard) and removed that power supply and swapped it out. That fixed one problem, but the D drive wasn’t spinning up either, so this storm took our a 400watt power supprt and a hard drive. (nothing important on it)

Needless to say, the rest of the household was on a UPS and that pretty much saved me from having both a lighter wallet and heart failure and I have hooked up the refurb’d media pc to the UPS now too.

Installing a ceiling fan means a new sound system?

I don’t get this, but perhaps that is because I didn’t major as an electrical engineer? The den here at GamersCircle HQ needed to have a new fan and light combo installed. The new one has been sitting on the floor in the box for about 6 months now and has been searving a very good purpose, “A Shelf!!”

This long weekend, I thought that it would be time to hook it all up. It wasn’t really hard, just never really did anything like that before. Did all the right things, powered down all of the printers, all of the computers, the tivo.. you know.. Then I went out to the breaker box and located the correct breaker, turned it off. (knew I had the right one, as the UPS units were chiming away)

Spent the next hour, taking apart the old ceiling fan, removing it from the ceiling (wow it was dusty up there) assembling the replacement unit, fishing the wires through all of the cosmetic pieces, getting it all wired up, making a couple of tests before I get it all sinched up and mounted. No one died, no cuts, no bruises, no electrical shock. It was a pretty successful endeavor all and all.

However; when I went to fire up the computer, the printers and all. It would seem that the Klipsch Promedia 4.1 didn’t want to give me any sound. I unplugged it a couple of time, opened it up to check the fuse, didn’t see anything wrong. (Shoulder shrug!)

It was off to my local Best Buy to see what they had to offer. I decided to go with the Logitech Z-5300e 5.1 THX setup.